Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Failed Santa Ana mayoral candidate Alfredo Amezcua spent a lot of time last year crying about the money the Santa Ana City Council makes.  Today the O.C. Register set the record straight – it is the Irvine City Council that makes the most money of all the other City Councils in Orange County.  Santa Ana is in the middle of the pack!

Irvine Council Members make over $48,000 a year.  Santa Ana Council Members only make $29,911, even though Santa Ana is the County Seat and it is a much larger and more important city than Irvine.

And it turns out that 95% of the Santa Ana Council Members’ salary is in the form of benefits.

These figures came from a report by the O.C. Grand Jury.

I guess those lame Irvine bloggers who always rip Santa Ana’s City Council have some explaining to do!

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4 thoughts on “Irvine City Council has the highest pay in Orange County”
  1. The Not So Great Park is a joke. It was the biggest scam ever pulled on the taxpayers of Irvine by Boss Agran and his compliant followers. I’ve seen Indian casinos and marijuana/hemp farms go up faster than the “construction” efforts at the Not So Great Park.

    A hemp farm and a casino might not be a bad idea for that waste of open space. Only problem is that pearl clutching puritan NIMBYS like the Chimichanga and Dick Ackerman would start crying about how that would bring “undesirable elements” to MasterPlannedistan. To which begs the question…what is their interpretation of “undesirable elements?”

  2. I bet that does not include the money they make from the great park board. They should be require to add to their income (tax returns) the tens of thousands of dollars in world wide travel benefits they get each year to see parks in other countries.

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