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A fire broke out Friday night at a vacant hotel in Santa Ana, the same hotel that has been burned in two other fires in as many years, firefighters said. The three-alarm fire happened at the Saddleback Inn at 1655 East First Street at 10:35 p.m, according to NBC.

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The OC Fire Authority reported on their Twitter feed that the “Fire is upgraded to a 3rd Alarm. 75 firefighters on-scene. Defensive mode. Crews have a good handle on the fire.”

No one was at the Inn when the fire broke out.  There have been three fires at this property in the last two years.

Saddleback INN Fire 3-29-2013

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2 thoughts on “Huge fire guts what’s left of the Saddleback Inn”
  1. A fire such as this puts firefighters and the public in danger. The City should have condemned this complex as a public nuisance and danger a long time ago and ordered it to be torn down.

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