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Are you broke? You might be out of money but there is a clinic in Tustin that will pay you $75 for something you normally flush away – your poop!

Seres Therapeutics is seeking a cure for C. diff , a debilitating intestinal disease. Seres is now ready to introduce the first FDA-approved microbiome therapeutic that could stop C. diff from recurring, after a decade of research and clinical trials.

Seres needs stool donations from hundreds of healthy people in order to market the new product.

C. difficile, also known as C. diff , is a bad bacteria that is sometimes contracted in hospitals when patients are taking a lot of anti-biotics, which can kill the stomach’s good bacteria.

The current standard of care for C. diff infection is antibiotics. However, antibiotic treatment alone is ineffective against dormant spore forms of C. diff, which can germinate and grow after antibiotics are completed, leading to a vicious cycle of recurrence. Repeated antibiotic exposure also depletes beneficial bacteria that inhibit C. diff, increasing the risk of recurrence.

The new Seres product, SER-109, is designed to break the cycle of recurrent C. diff infection by simultaneously acting on multiple disease-relevant pathways to address key facets of the disease. 

You may qualify to participate if you meet the following criteria:

  • Are 18 years or older,
  • Have had a C. diff infection in the past,
  • Now experiencing 3 or more unformed bowel movements per day over two consecutive days (potential current C. diff infection), and
  • Have been told by your physician you may have to take antibiotics.

If you think you may qualify, contact Seres to learn more.

For information about Seres’ Good Nature program, call (844) 476-6748 or go to

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