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Santa Ana Gang Shooting

An admitted gang member was shot on Friday afternoon at about 1 pm, while walking on in Santa Ana, near Halladay Street and St. Andrews Place, according to the O.C. Register.  The incident happened just south of Madison Park.

A black Chevrolet SUV with three males inside pulled up beside the victim and he was fired at by one of the male occupants of the vehicle, when the victim began running from them.  He was injured in his left ankle by bullet fragments.

Police officers surmised that the man was injured when a bullet hit the ground and broke up into pieces which entered the man’s ankle.  The victim knew he was hurt when his shoe started to fill up with his own blood.

Of course the shooter and his fellow gang members got away as they sped off in the SUV.

The injured man is expected to survive.

This incident happened in Santa Ana’s Ward 1, which is represented by Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Vince Sarmiento.

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5 thoughts on “Gang member shot and wounded while walking south of Madison Park”
  1. What a dump Santa Ana is……I wonder where most of the gang members there come from…oh yes….

  2. I just hate when some uneducated idiot just assumes that all gamg members come from Mexico or are immigrants , most of these guys are 2nd or 3rd generation , most of them don’t even know anything else other than gangbanging watching and learning from their parents , in a system that will rather spend money on sending them away to prision , or on a police chief thats completely out of touch with this environment, on school police gang unit and so forth, instead of creating prevention programs or ways to try to keep them off the streets

    1. cause there parents are illegal migrate workers and dont have the luxury of taking car theirs,. cause i konw first hand and thank god my parent bust their asses keeping me off the street, , and i take pride and love trolling on the family that lost their ” love ones” laugh at the ” carwash ” donation , no sympathy at all none what soo ever

      1. Noone needs your sympathy im sure they do just fine without it, you are one of those i was talking about , im glad your parents got you through , i myself made it without any parents , unfortunately not everyone can be like you , no education , high drop out rate , what else can you expect?, its just sad that you take pride in calling yourself a troll , and yet you think of yourself as superior , you troll the net they troll the streets. Misma mierda in my eyes.

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