Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Michele Martinez speaking

Santa Ana Michele Martinez announced her intention to run for re-election in 2014, today on her Facebook page: “It’s with great excitement to announce my re-election campaign for 2014! Re-Elect Michele Martinez for City Council, Ward 2, Facebook Page and Website coming soon!”

Sigh.  I supposed this grammatical disaster is about the best we can expect from Martinez, but what’s her excuse?  She was born and raised here.  She grew up speaking English – it wasn’t her second language.  Yet after finishing college she still reels off “It’s with great excitement to announce my re-election campaign for 2014!”  Wow.

Let’s hope someone, anyone, rises up to challenge Martinez.  We can’t take four more years of this!

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16 thoughts on “Four more years of Michele Martinez?”
  1. “We can’t take four more years of this”…….. Hmmmmmm

    As I recall it was you Admin who help to put her there.

    “Be Careful What You Pray For, You Might Just Get It”

          1. I was not referring to Martinez, although I try to help her, but she never listen and that is why she hates me, because I was always right.

            I was referring to your clinching on the old guard Pulido/ Walters and Tinajero/ Mill fat boys who are big danger to the Santa Ana.

  2. It is also with great excitement that I get to harass Admin for another 4 years. and Martinez. and grammar! Drinks on me.

  3. I saw this tidbit today from Councilwoman Martinez:

    “Career Day at Willard! Looking forward to speaking to these youth this morning. — at Willard Intermediate School.”

    What career exactly does Michele have? I am not even certain she has a job. One recent week she posted at attending meetings in different cities as an elected official. That’s kinda weird, do councilmembers get paid?

  4. I wonder if the Voice Of OC will publish Michele’s recent encounter with the SAPD?

    She was questioned in a case involved the destruction of property:


    Seriously, The defamation suit against her (30-2012-00581734-CU-DF-CJC) should be in full spring this fall, if it doesn’t settle.

    I don’t see how it can considering she has NO JOB!

    What a mess of a woman.

  5. “HER BIKE SEAT!”…………. Hmmmmmm

    Maybe she should date SAPD Chief, OC DA, and other counties dignitary like Claudia Alvarez did, to progress in her political aspiration.

    Poor chick!

  6. Hey Admin,

    somebody should call code enforcement!

    I am pretty sure PAYAN X, Michele and David’s favorite workout (de jour) does NOT have neither a permit nor insurance to be conducting business on city owned property.

    This has been an issue in Santa Monica:


    But, more to the point, why not let PUNK bands hold late night parties there? I am sure Mateo’s friends would love to sponsor an orgy or two (that was a joke Matt).

    Seriously, is a for PROFIT business like Marc Payan’s Irvine based (out of his house) really the vibriant future Michele and David talk about.

    Check out Michele’s BMW on the site. You’d think she has a real job!

  7. Your feelings about Mateo Orgies are very ambiguous Carpetbagger. Are you in favor or not in favor?
    Would you prefer to be an unpaid lapdancer or unpaid doorman? You would have to give your tips to me either way.

    1. I believe you should be free to frolic as you wish Mateo.

      Seeing NAKED artists doing it is preferable to seeing a councilwoman in yoga pants!

      Who owns that alley behind the West Coast theatre?

      I know the garage is city property and off limits to this kind of event. I’d bet that the good Christian Mark Payan has a release exempting him from everything short of the second coming, but the city is on the hook for potential injuries?

      I’ll send ADMIN the pictures of the signs prohibiting this stuff. After all, if Mexicans can’t play soccer at Eddie West (Thanks Tom Lutz), why should fat people from Irvine use our facilities for profit?

    1. “Don’t be late for Oath Keepers meeting”……….. Hmmmmm

      It is Santa Ana Secret Society (“SASS”) meeting in Costa Mesa Gypsy Den tomorrow.

      Come down, we can schedule you for an initiation where you will form a pacts with the Devil in exchange for unearthly powers.

      That may come handy in your OCCUPY practice too.

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