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Carlos “CJ” Salcito Sales Jr., 25, of Santa Ana, a former, part-time baseball coach at Segerstrom High School in Santa Ana, has been arrested on suspicion of sending sexually explicit text messages to a Huntington Beach boy, according to the O.C. Register.

Sales was arrested on Friday by Huntington Beach police on charges of attempted lewd and lascivious conduct and for contacting a minor with intent to commit a sexual offense.

Sales was booked at the Huntington Beach Jail and released on a $100,000 bond, according to the Huntington Beach Police Department.

There is no record on file with Orange County Superior Court of the suspect having an attorney.

Two boys, ages 15 and 16, are the potential victims in this case.

The parents of one of the boys told the Huntington Beach police that they found sexually explicit text messages on their son’s cell phone that had been exchanged with Sales.

Sales is suspect of requesting nude photographs from the boy and directing the boy to participate in lewd acts.

Sales is also suspected of having sent nude photographs to the other boy.

Segerstrom High School

When Sales was arrested he was employed as an assistant baseball coach at Segerstrom High School.

Segerstrom High School has employed Sales at the school on a part-time basis since 2013, but as of Monday he no longer works for the Santa Ana Unified School District.

The police are trying to determine if there are additional victims.

Anyone with information can call the Huntington Beach Police Information Hotline at 714 375-5066. Anonymous tips can be called in to the Orange County Crime Stoppers at 1-855-TIP-OCCS (855-847-6227) or click on the Submit a Crime Tip link on the Huntington Beach Police Department’s Facebook page.

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10 thoughts on “Former baseball coach at Segerstrom H.S. arrested on charges of lewd conduct with two boys”
  1. What a fagget . All this and talk about Segerstrom high school this and that but come on little boys ? So much for a better school

    1. The school has nothing to do with this….you can’t blame an entire group for the actions of an INDIVIDUAL. Segerstrom continues to be a great school. Unfortunately these kinds of things can happen anywhere…and if you read the article, it clearly states Huntington Beach police arrested him….obviously it happened outside of the school.

      1. Segerstrom is not a good school I currently go there… Last year in my math class there was kids standing on top of desks cutting another girls hair off just to piss her off and there was students dealing and selling different forms of marrijuana and products that were affiliated in the use of it. And the teacher at her desk at the corner of the classroom on her cell phone looking through her social media. Take this from me, a current senior and student at Segerstrom so called a fundemental highschool…

        1. So are you a bad/disrespectful person due to the actions of a classmate? Is it ok for me to judge you (based on your comment) because you are a student there?

          1. I’m not being disrespectful I’m being truthful and if u call telling the truth being disrespectful then yes. And it’s not just one student who acts horrendous it’s also the teachers as u can see. But along with it being the teachers we have no disciplinary system in absolute. And I have personally had a chair thrown at my head a camera thrown at me and that student was left off with a warning… Wat would u do if a chair was thrown at ur child’s head and the person who threw it left with a warning and came back at them with retailiation? Next time watch that mouth cuz I’m truthful oh wait to u it’s disrespectful

          2. You obviously misunderstood my comment…I NEVER said you were disrespectful. Let break it down for you….so because students at your school act stupid…is it ok for me to say you must be just like them too?…because you are a student there? In other words….not EVERY student there acts stupid, so you can’t say that the ENTIRE school is bad. EVERY school has kids that don’t know how to act or break the rules.

          3. I was trying to say what even tho we have many of those students who are a hazard among the students there isn’t a discipline system good enough to make the students safe or one that lets them feel safe. I would personally not bring my child to go to that school. It is not a safe place for kids to be. And this article is one clear example

  2. En todas las escuelas pasa algo similar locos y depravados hay por todos lados el distrito puso acción rápida y la policia también gracias a dios!

  3. Thank u someone agrees that segerstrom has stepped down and become the school of low graduation rate and that its not a good choice for a high quality education

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