Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Drive by shooting at Birch and Chestnut
Photo by “Stop Abusing People’s Derecho’s

There was a drive by shooting in Santa Ana yesterday, at Birch and Chestnut, that went unreported by local media.

A resident said that she heard about 7 shots fired. Bullet casings and evidence markers were on the ground. Reportedly a few buildings in front were also hit by bullets, according to local photographer and community activist Igmar Rodas’s Facebook page.

Photo by Igmar Rodas

Rodas also reported that a dead body may have been found in a vehicle and the Santa Ana Police Department’s CSI van was on scene conducting an investigation.

One of our readers reported that the drive by involved bikes, not cars.  Perhaps some of our local gang bangers are trying to avoid global warming by using bikes instead of cars?

The scene took a bizarre turn as the investigation continued when a man whose car had been damaged in the drive by crossfire ran over and killed a kitten.

The shooting happened a block from Santa Ana High School, just over a mile from the SAPD’s headquarters, in Ward 2, which is represented by Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez.

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20 thoughts on “Drive by shooting at Birch and Chestnut”
  1. It wasnt a drive by they rode bicycles but these pics are from at least 12 hours later, police didnt show up until hours later ,

      1. More like a “ride by”, i figured it was a matter of time before the next shooting two nights ago a lot of challenging graffiti appeared all over the walls around this corner,

    1. what do you expect the police to do with all the police brutality videos. Why would they want to jepordize their jobs if everyone think they just go to work to hurt people.

  2. A lot of what happens here goes unreported , directly across the street from where this photo was taken another person was shot in the leg , and in the alley way behind that another was shot on the chest , also unreported, the bizarre thing is a guy with a large camera got out of the passenger side of a police cruiser apparently documenting the event when the kid was shot on the leg , but there was nothing on the news even though it happened right after school and students were walking home . In many occasions you are the only outlet that reports this, thats why im a fan of your blog , thank you.

    1. If you want to report something inbox me at
      Facebook: SAPD – Stop Abusing People’s Derechos

  3. On bikes? They can’t afford a car but can get a gun? Embarrassing. Gang bangers are poor.lolreally

  4. I live on this street and know the woman who’s kitten got ran over she’s my neighbor. It was bad. And extremely loud.

  5. The only reason police arrived was because a shot went inside an apartment and cracked it. Luckily it was at night and no one was in the kitchen!

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