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Roman Reyna and Carlos Bustamante

Funny how history has a habit of repeating itself.  A few years ago a Santa Ana Councilman got a job as an Orange County middle manager.  He proceeded to get promoted repeatedly, despite an obvious lack of talent.  And eventually he was arrested for allegations of sexual harassment and sex crimes, as well as public theft.  His name was Carlos Bustamante.

Bustamante was recruited to the County of Orange, reportedly, by Assistant OC CEO Rob Richardson, who is a Trustee on the Santa Ana School Board.  Both are Republicans as well.

Now we come to find out that Councilman Roman Reyna, who has even less education than Bustamante did, with naught but a high school diploma, has scored a job as a Case Manager at the Orange County Department of Education, according to Reyna’s city bio.

Did Reyna get this job, as Bustamante got his County job, by virtue of political connections?  The Superintendent of the Orange County Department of Education is none other than Al Mijares, the former Superintendent of the SAUSD.  And Reyna is a former SAUSD Trustee.

And don’t forget that Bustamante and Reyna both worked last year in support of their friend, David Benavides, and his failed mayoral campaign.  The three of them have been friends for many years.

It seems like business as usual is occurring at the County of Orange.  Let’s hope this time the lucky Councilman in question, Reyna, doesn’t follow in Bustamante’s sordid footsteps.

But according to numerous inside sources Reyna was allegedly fired from his last job, at the YMCA of Santa Ana.  If true, why was he fired?  And did the O.C. Department of Education do their due diligence?

You have to wonder how much they are paying Reyna…

I have already asked two Orange County Department of Education Trustees to investigate this matter.

UPDATE: The verdicts are in, regarding the City of Bell’s corruption case against their Mayor and Council Members. Check out what the defense lawyer for the Bell Mayor had to say about his client, as per the L.A. Times:

The attorney for Hernandez, the city’s mayor at the time of the arrests, said his client had only a grade-school education, was known more for his heart than his intellect, and was, perhaps, not overly “scholarly.”

Is it just me or does that like an exact description of Councilman Reyna?

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9 thoughts on “Could Roman Reyna be the next Carlos Bustamante?”
  1. “I flunked out of the 8th Grade but you still worship and adore me”…….. Hmmmmmmmm

    That is why you are unemployable loser, trying to create something tangible out of a clay — only the God can do that.

    If you would have an education you would learn that you can make a little “Golem of Prague” figurines and become rich artist by seling them to rich Jews for a good luck.

    Instead you are contemplating how to mutilate yourself by cutting your ear to become famous.

  2. Admin.

    EVERY other of Californias 58 County Office Of Education requires a BA/BS degree for this job.

    I guess Roman and company thought their brand of BS was enough. This is criminal.

  3. Excellent post Admin!

    So how does a guy with a high school diploma get a job like this???? HE DOES’NT! He lied.

    A quick call to the Human resources department at the County Department Of Education taught me two things:

    1) There is NO classification for a “CASE MANAGER”. It is a temporary position contracted out…..Think Substitute teacher.

    2) Roman “does work here on a contractor/part time basis” but not in that capacity. It doesn’t exist.

    So either Roman is LYING or at best (embellishing) OR The head of Human Resources at the County DOE is WRONG!

    Check for your self readers: (714)966-4000. Ask For HR.

    Check for yourself!

    How’s that for sunshine!

  4. Admin,
    How about a follow up.

    Roman’s contract at OCDE expires Friday. That means in a week we’ll have a couple of “underemployed” councilmembers, Michele w/ her suspicious OC HEALTH ALLIANCE and Pablo David Benavides sucessless real estate business.

    Give us the truth about these clowncil members, they won’t.

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