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Daniel Elizondo thought he might get away with breaking into a business in Tustin. However his image was captured by video surveillance cameras that happened to have a live feed. The cameras caught him breaking into the business and the business owner was able to contact the Tustin Police as the crime was in progress.

After being notified of the burglary, Tustin Police officers arrived on the scene and surrounded the involved business.

Elizondo was immediately detained by Tustin Police Officers as he exited the business. He was arrested for burglary and a felony ADW warrant. Elizondo was booked into the O.C. Central Jail.

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8 thoughts on “Burglar arrested in Tustin with help from a live feed video camera”
  1. If you only knew both his grampa s fought for this country. By the way that is my nephew who has a mental illness. He has eluded family. We have been trying to get hi. Help. Your words are very hurtful. You do t know what it’s like to have a mental break. Do t judge cuz you dont know him. I just pray that he gets help

    1. Maggie,

      I am sorry for the pain your family is going through. I lost my only brother to suicide due to his bipolar condition and use of drugs. I hope your nephew can get help. It can be so hard to help folks who often don’t want the help.

  2. Maggie, I to have a son with mental health issues and drug addiction. All you can do is continue to give unconventional love. They suffer the consequences of their actions and getting help is difficult at best. I hope they get your nephew the help he needs. Lisa Bay

    1. Thank you I’ve been praying for him it sad cuz Danny was doing well had a severe head injury playing high school football after his Injury he was never the same the last year he loss his mom. So beside his head Injury, grieving extremely hard we believe he had a mental break. This is so heartbreaking cuz no one knows what he is going thru. Thank you for your kind words

  3. God bless you for caring Maggie
    I’m also close to Danny and feel his sorrow. Never should people be quick to judge a separate by race. That is what’s wrong with the world. I also appreciate the kind words from people who walk the same paths. Time will heal all wounds

    1. oh, oh, oh….

      poor little Danny…

      he needs money for meth…

      so he breaks into a business and gets caught…


      1. Olivia Mendoza You are an ignorant piece of shit, make fun of the pain of others, hopefully and your descendants don’t go through that kind of problem!

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