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Bowers goes red
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For more information, please contact: Megan Martinez, Vice President of Development and Marketing, Bowers Museum, 714.567.3635,

Bowers Museum to “Go Red” with the American Heart Association for the 13th Annual National Go Red Day on Friday, February 6th

SANTA ANA, CALIF. – The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana will be among the numerous locations nationwide to “Go Red” on Friday, February 6, as part of the 13th Annual American Heart Association Go Red Day promoting women’s heart health. Starting on February 6, the Bowers Museum’s iconic Mission-style Bell Tower will be bathed in brilliant red light to help raise awareness about the importance of heart health among women. Located at 2002 N. Main St. in Santa Ana, the Bowers Museum is a familiar sight for thousands of daily commuters driving along Main Street.

The annual Go Red For Women campaign raises awareness that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, and encourages them to take preventive measures to reduce their risk. The movement harnesses the energy, passion and power women and those who love them, to band together and collectively wipe out heart disease. On a national level, the Go Red For Women movement has resulted in 650,000 women’s lives being saved over the last 10 years.

On Friday, February 6, the following Santa Ana organizations, businesses and schools will “Go Red” including:

Bowers Museum – The Bowers Museum will illuminate its iconic Bell Tower with red lighting for National Go Red Day. Additionally, the background color of the website will be changed to red, the Bowers staff will be encouraged to wear red, and red items in the Bowers’ permanent collection will be highlighted via social media.

Heritage Museum – The staff at the Heritage Museum will be dressed in red Victorian clothing, and the museum will illuminate their historical Kellogg House with red lights. The museum will also create a large red sign promoting “Go Red” to face Fairview, a main street in Santa Ana.

Northgate Markets – Nearly 5,000 Northgate Market employees will wear red to celebrate National Go Red Day.

· John Adams Elementary, Santa Ana CA: John Adams Elementary students will plant in their Teaching Gardens for National Wear Red Day in collaboration with Fluor Global Engineering Construction Company employees. Fluor employees and students will wear red while planting vegetables, painting garden decorations and making healthy smoothies.

· Sepulveda Elementary, Santa Ana CA: Sepulveda Elementary has asked teachers and students to write 3-4 things they can do to make a healthy strong heart. The Sepulveda Elementary garden club students will glue these ideas onto large hearts to present at the flag salute assembly on February 6th for National Wear Red Day. All students at the school will wear red for Heart Month on Friday.

· Fremont Elementary, Santa Ana CA: In celebration of Heart Month, 1st grade teachers will ask their students to write ways they can be healthy on paper hearts, and will make necklaces out of the hearts and string.

For more information about the Bowers Museum, visit For information regarding Going Red in Santa Ana, please call Marklem Valdovinos at (949) 885- 1543, email or visit


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