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Santa Ana, Calif. (March 27, 2019) – The Board of Supervisors voted March 26 to approve $13 million toward the creation of an additional Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) for those persons in Orange County experiencing a mental health emergency.

“Our County took an important step yesterday toward ensuring that we have more emergency beds for those experiencing a mental health crisis,” said Chairwoman Lisa Bartlett, Fifth District Supervisor. “This additional Crisis Stabilization Unit will prove to be an asset for those individuals and their families during their time of greatest need.”

This facility will add 12 crisis stabilization chairs, serving clients year-round at an average of 18 people per day at College Hospital in the City of Costa Mesa. This program will be funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA) who be reimbursing the provider through Medi-Cal.

“The creation of the CSU in my district will help provide vital mental health services for all the citizens in the County of Orange,” said Vice Chair Michelle Steel, Second District Supervisor. “The help that will be administered at College Hospital will go a long way in helping those experiencing a mental health issue.”

Due to the nature of mental health emergencies, many patients need immediate access to healthcare professionals. A CSU such as College Hospital help provide year-round access for mental health patients in need of psychiatric assessment along with therapy, crisis intervention and medication services, among other services.

“Orange County has over 3 million residents and their options are limited should a loved one experience a mental health emergency,” said Supervisor Andrew Do, First District. “Crisis stabilization units provide patients with immediate access to life-saving support and vital mental health services.”

The CSU will serve adults between the ages of 18 and 59. Adults over 60 years of age, whose needs are compatible with those of other individuals seen at the CSU, may be included in the target population if they require the same level of care and supervision.

“I am proud to see that the County is working toward ensuring there are more beds to help those persons experiencing a mental health emergency,” said Supervisor Doug Chaffee, Fourth District. “It is my hope that this service proves to be beneficial for individuals and families during their time of greatest need.”

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