Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Roman Reyna and David Benavides

Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides recently called for a review of city policies related to issuing public events permits to ensure such events are staged in a nondiscriminatory way,” according to the O.C. Register.  They also reported that:

“If we don’t have a no-discrimination clause, the city attorney will come back with options on how we can ensure that a special event that takes place on city property is inclusive of all parties,” Benavides said Thursday.

Benavides said he and fellow Councilman Roman Reyna were scheduled to participate in this year’s parade but pulled out after the LGBT group was banned. “It was a discriminatory decision,” Benavides said.

Gays were not banned from the Tet Parade.  If a gay person wanted to walk in the parade as part of some civic or community organization that was no problem. The issue here was that militant gay rights activists wanted to hijack the Tet Parade, for their own purposes. And they refused to promise not to make out while marching in the Parade.

I would be just as opposed to anti-abortion activists marching in the Tet Parade.  This event is about the Chinese Lunar New Year and the Vietnamese community’s culture and heritage.  It is NOT about gay rights, animal rights, or any other such rights.

Shame on Benavides and Reyna for siding with the gay bullies rather than with the Vietnamese families of Orange County.

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7 thoughts on “Benavides and Reyna back gay militants instead of Vietnamese families”
  1. “It is NOT about gay rights, animal rights, or any other such rights”……… Hmmmmmmmm

    Although your point is well taken Art, how about Latino Rights.

    Would you object if illegal immigrants, mostly Mexicans, would want to march to get legalized?

    Once you left-liberal-national-socialists open the door to make your group special the others will ask for same, and that includes Jews with their idiotic claims of Antisemitism and Holocaust.

    However, the beauty of the America is to be an American who has his unalienable rights given to him by a creator which even King of England does not has until his coronation.

    So next time think whether you are an American, Latino or Mexican.

    I, and my family, we are Americans and the constitution is our Bible. [Emphases added]

      1. “No rights groups should hijack the Tet Parade”……. Hmmmmmm

        Good to know when your militant “brown power” group will wave the Mexican flag in the Tet parade.

        FYI, the Libertarians are socialists since they support same sex marriage.

  2. Thats comforting.

    Doesn’t change the deal though.

    Is Roman a Benavides lackey or is there a chance that he may have a mind of his own?

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