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Assemblyman Jose Solorio spoke at yesterday’s LULAC May Day Rally, at the Plaza of the Flags, in Santa Ana. You can hear his comments in the video above.

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6 thoughts on “Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s speech at the LULAC May Day Rally”
  1. Hi Jose, I would like to know more on what you have done to improve the process for immogration reform. I love reading up on how Assemblyman and women have made a difference. Also, I like to request any updates on immigration reform.

    please advise

    Mr. Alfaro

  2. Actually solario…..we do want what happened it Arizona here. It is disgusting that an elected offiicial would be an advocate for breaking the law

    Look at every sanctuary city, how well are they doing comparatively to others, obviously not well

  3. Besides repealing the UNConstitutional and flawed Arizona SB1070, I think the SOLUTIONS to deal with illegal immigrants are as follows:

    A) Push for the Fed govt to enforce the immigration laws, where it properly belongs, rather than having States pass patchwork of flawed UNConstitutional laws, as AZ has done.

    B) Do Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Amnesty) –
    b1) But, clear backlogs of those in system first;
    b2) concurrently grant conditional residency to those here (come in and register; do background check on them – see more below)

    C) and CONCURRENT with B), to prevent FUTURE illegal immigration

    c1) Strengthen our BORDERS and COASTS
    c2) Implement strong E-verify program.
    c3) Strong penalties against employers who hire illegal immigrants
    c4) Strong Civil Monetary Penalties to those who entered illegally, or Overstayed their Visas (both are misdemeanors) – this way we do not reward illegal behavior
    c5) implement a Biometric type of Social Security Card
    c6) Focus our limited resources on deporting VIOLENT illegal aliens; and combating the trafficking and exploitation of Women and children
    c7) Make the legal immigration process more effective and efficient to clear backlogs for legal immigration and for granting of temporary work permits, and to respond in a timely basis to the US’ economic needs.
    c8) Have HIGHER legal immigration processing FEES to help pay for these services.

    D) I would also focus on RADICALLY decreasing the HIGH DEMAND for Illegal Drugs in the US.

    Mexico is a “Narco State” because the US is a “NARCO COUNTRY”…
    We are the highest consumer of illegal drugs in the world (cocaine; heroin, etc). The drug cartels are fighting for control of the drug route INTO the US. this destabilizes Mexico, which acts as a pressure to emigrate from Mexico or any other country that is also a drug exporter.

    For comparison as to the resources being devoted to fight the Drug cartels. President Calderon of Mexico has devoted 45,000 troops; compare that to the US efforts in Afghanistan where we only had about 30,000 troops (although we had been fighting for over 7 years, and only increased recently in the last 1-2 years). Mexico’s population is 1/3 that of the US; the economy is 1/10th of the US; and the US spends more in Defense than all of the world’s military budgets put together. Mexico’s efforts are a reaction to the HUGE DEMAND for ILLEGAL DRUGS in the US.

    The violence in Mexico is focused primarily on the Border cities, and primarily among the cartels, although innocent civilians do get caught on the crossfires.

    P.S. SDBrit68 – come back and visit often…we can exchange ideas here.

    Francisco “Paco” Barragan
    My opinions only and not those of any group

  4. SDBrit68:
    Please see in particular point #3, below…and this is another reason why we Do NOT want to bring FLAWED laws to California or any other state.

    Furthermore, I think all the points at A; C; and D; would address all FUTURE illegal immigration reform…starting as soon as they are implemented.

    1) There was an Amnesty in 1986/1987 of about 2.5 million. I think the problem was NOT the Amnesty to per se, but the problem was that we did NOT do enough to prevent future illegal immigration (such as the steps I listed) which got us to where we are at today.

    2) Also, deportation has NOT worked…we have increased border enforcement by about 8-10 times, to deport about 350,000-400,000 out of 12 million.

    3) Also please see the December 2008 report entitled “Mission Unaccomplished” from The Goldwater Institute – they found that Sheriff ARPAIO’s illegal immigration sweeps resulted in neglecting other crimes and that Crimes WENT UP 70%, even though his budget QUADRUPLED…so his efforts have had a NEGATIVE effect on LAW enforcement and has COMPROMISED SAFETY (see the one page EXECUTIVE summary or the whole report for details.) :

    4) Also, as a further example, of this flawed law, the Arizona Association of Police Chiefs is in opposition to the AZ bill.
    “The Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police (AACOP) remains in opposition to Senate Bill (SB) 1070. The provisions of the bill remain problematic and will negatively affect the ability of law enforcement agencies across the state to fulfill their many responsibilities in a timely manner.
    While AACOP recognizes immigration as a significant issue in Arizona, we remainstrong in our belief that it is an issue most appropriately addressed at the federal level. AACOP strongly urges the U. S. Congress to immediately initiate the necessary steps to begin the process of comprehensively addressing the immigration issue to provide solutions that are fair, logical, and equitable.”

    5) Arizona’s law may also have a negative unintended consequence, because it will also make it LESS likely that an illegal alien with a potential infectious disease may seek timely medical treatment or participate in programs that may stop the infectious disease/epidemic from spreading.

    6) Independent non-partisan studies show that the NET COST to the nation from providing services to illegals are negligible or close to ZERO because these are offset by TAXES withheld from illegal workers; and additionally that there is a NET POSITIVE impact to the US Economy and that there is also a NET POSITIVE impact to American households’ net disposable income because good and services are provided at a lower cost which generally translates to lower prices for American Consumers; and through immigration reform we will be able to collect additional taxes, retained by “crooked employers.

    7) It is estimated that immigrants will pay, on average, $80,000 more in taxes than they will use in government services over their lifetimes…from a 2007 White House Council of Economic Advisers…and that again that they contribute to the GDP.

    8) also as Baby boomers retire there will a need for the immigrant labor and its attendant comprehensive immigration reform

    See article

    Francisco “Paco” Barragan
    My opinions only and not those of any group

  5. Barragan…

    before, I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to many illegals, that has changed. Their behavior during the may day rally’s, the shooting of the rancher, another cop shot, the damage done in Santa Cruz….and the outright we demand entitlement mentality.

    The complete msrepresentation and overly dramatic atttitudes to Arizona, I can see how it is

    I honestly am done

    Unlike all the rhetoric and accusations about the TEA party protests, no one ever showed any video proof, there is plenty of video of the pro illegal side.

    After seeing the signs, hearing the speeches, I am now at a 180 and am willing to put reason aside.

    The only thing I can tell these protestors, many ,many Americans who may have shown empathy, your own behavior is turning people against you…and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

    Complete morons like Guiterrez, listen to his speeches, he is definetly representing Latinos first, Americans second, and I see this out of many of the Latino elected officials.

    Thats okay, its called democracy, and they have a right to run for office, just as I have the right to campaign for any politician who is not Latino.

    The unfortunate side effect, there are many great Latinos in this country, many quality Latino owned businesses, they will end up being boycotted until this is resolved.

    Sadly, while there is a difference between illegal and Latino, that line is going to get blurred for many.

    While I will do my part for the people I am with, to keep people remembering the difference, it is going to get worse, sad, but something I believe to be true.

    Look at the protestors, they are the ones asking for a war in the streets, but like everything else, people should be careful what they ask for……I actually believed the country was better than this

  6. SDBrit68:
    you state, “shooting of the rancher, another cop shot, the damage done in Santa Cruz….and the outright we demand entitlement mentality.”

    My Response:
    a) Actually there is no proof that the rancher that was killed was by an Illegal immigrant. Apparently the day before he was shot, they had reported some illegal trespassers, and some bales of Marijuana was confiscated. Could have been US citizen or Legal resident smugglers.

    b) The deputy that was shot. Same thing Could have been US citizen or Legal resident smugglers.

    c) Santa Cruz…one event. Many times you have “anarchists” or other type of infiltrators that use the event for THEIR purpose.

    Irregardless, the events above do NOT represent the majority of the hard-working illegal/unauthorized immigrants that are in FACT contributing to the well-being of our nation, and it also demonstrates the need to deal with the High DEMAND for drugs in the US.

    You State, “The complete msrepresentation and overly dramatic atttitudes to Arizona, I can see how it is”

    My response: To recognize how flawed this law is, even the AZ Governor has recently MADE some changes; and the Arizona Police Chiefs Association is opposed. This is NOT a misrepresentation. There are better constitutional ways of dealing with our immigration issue.

    You may be willing to put reason aside…Why? What does that get you? Again, acting without reason or logic, will continue to lead to unreasonable or illegal measures.

    SDBrit68…the protesters are not asking for war (this is a mischaracterization)…although the fight with AZ’s flawed law is a fight and a civil struggle to keep a flawed unconstitutional law from being implemented.

    Protesters are asking for the opportunity to allow unauthorized immigrants to continue contributing but out of the shadows. They are asking for the opportunity to contribute legally, and for the opportunity to be vested in our community….wanting to work hard, to be legal, and to continue contributing is not an entitlement mentality.

    Francisco “Paco” Barragan
    My opinions only and not those of any group

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