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National Child Abuse Prevention Month 2015

Santa Ana Police Department

Advisory: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and the Santa Ana Police Department is calling to attention the importance of preventing these tragedies, as well as the role each of us can play in these efforts.
The Santa Ana Police Department is dedicated to raising the public’s awareness of the devastating effects of child abuse and encourages members of our community to become involved. We encourage the public’s involvement in supporting families and parents so that we can prevent all forms of child abuse.

Child Abuse Prevention Month is an opportunity to highlight the role we all play to support parents and families. This month, and throughout the year as we consider child abuse, our attention is best focused on prevention efforts that create healthier environments for children and foster confident, positive parenting.

Some signs of possible sexual/physical abuse may include:

 Unexplained pain itching, redness or bleeding in the genital area
 Changes in sleeping; nightmares or bedwetting
 Withdrawn behavior or appearing to be in a trance
 Angry outbursts or sudden mood swings
 Anxiety or depression
 Sudden, unexplained avoidance of certain people or places
 Sexual knowledge, language, or behavior that is unusual for the child’s age
 Changes in school performance and attendance
 Changes in eating behaviors
 Changes in school performance and attendance
 Injuries that don’t match the given explanation
 Untreated medical

Information and resources about child abuse and neglect prevention can also be found at The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau website, It contains strategies for how each one of us can get involved in preventing child abuse.

If you suspect child abuse is occurring, call your local police department or the Orange County Child Abuse Registry at (714) 940-1000. If the abuse is occurring in Santa Ana, call the Santa Ana Police Department at (714) 834-4211. In emergency situations, always call 9-1-1. The Santa Ana Police Department is dedicated to preventing child abuse and apprehending offenders. We ask for the public’s help in looking for and reporting suspected abuse so that, together, we can keep our children safe.


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