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South Main Street Sign

Gang shootings are on the rise again in Santa Ana!  The latest shooting occurred today when a gunman approached a group of up to five men outside a business on the 1700 block of South Main Street at around 1 am before opening fire, Santa Ana Police Department said, according to NBC News.

Officials said a light-colored compact car drove up to the group and a man got out of the passenger side to ask the men about their gang affiliation.  He then pulled out a shotgun and fired a single round, which injured three of the men and damaged the business behind them, police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said, according to the O.C. Register.

This latest shooting happened in the “Historic South Main Street” business district in Santa Ana, south of edinger, and just south of Doffo Auto Body and north of a Superior Grocery store.  This area is part of Ward 1, which is represented on the Santa Ana City Council by Councilman Vince Sarmiento.  You might recall that Sarmiento recently promoted getting rid of our Park Rangers because their presence sends the message that Santa Ana is not safe.

Two other men were were shot in Santa Ana, one on Sunday night and the other early Monday morning, in apparently unrelated incidents, according to the O.C. Register.

The man shot on Sunday night refused to tell the police what happened to him.  Police found the second man around 12:10 a.m. Monday in a residential neighborhood in the 500 block of South Maxine Street.

Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides famously told a reporter last year that the rise in crime in Santa Ana was an “anomaly.”  Does he still feel the same way?

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11 thoughts on “Another gang shooting in Ward 1, in South Santa Ana”
  1. Art Pedroza please tell what area of Santa Ana Main Street did you take this photo, because you are a little confused. The photo is the City of Garden Grove Main St. Buddy you must have been visiting one of the Santa Ana marijuana dispensary for a future article and accidentally inhaled, causing you to be confused with the photos.

    1. nothing historic about that ., unless you talking about theyosemite sam gun shop ,that use to be there until it became a carpet cleaner

    2. Art Pedroza changed the photo to the correct one you are seeing now. The other photo he had posted was of downtown Main Street, Garden Grove. Look at the prior posts or in this case post, so you can make an informed correct decision, comment, or remark Mr. Anonymous.

  2. Wow. It feels just like the 1990’s Ted Moreno bitching about the inconsequential and young men and innocent citizens getting shot everytime you look up.

    Things do come full circle!

  3. Wednesday ,Thursday,and Friday night last week there were shots fired in the chestnut and birch st intersection and that’s just part of a long string of shootings that have been going on people in this area are living in constant fear ,police only seem to come around way afterwards their presence is little to null who can we go to for help???

  4. Art I do not understand how joking around with old friend about a mistake he made on a post turns into a major offensive by some of your less educated readers who are afraid to reveal their real names. This is the kind of behavior a person sees on Jerry Springer or Junior High. I have never been afraid to speak my mind on topics which affected my home town, while I was on the council. I never hide in the shadows under a different name. Some closed minded persons might think the issues I questioned were inconsequential, but if the council would have listened to me Santa Ana would not have been on the edge of bankruptcy a few years ago. This city’s cancer now and back then has always been the high salaries that go out to its employees. It did matter if it was the city’s executive management, police or fire unions which had a tight control over the city council, only because they injected hundreds of thousands of dollars into their campaigns, they were all living high off the hog. I might be a Democrat, but the police and fire unions and management hated me with a passion because I would vote against their salary increase, tax and water rate increases, and their 3% at 50 retirement system increase. I was not afraid to publish their salaries, because they were raping the life out of this city. I was right back then and time has proven me correct. So many cities today have had to change their salary structure to prevent having to go into bankruptcy for the same reasons. I hate to see my City going downhill because I was told there was not enough money to repair the streets, sidewalks, gutters, parks, or even to plant a simple tree to improve an area. My conscious is clear knowing I did my part to steer Santa Ana in the right direction. There must be a reason you picked the name Carpetbagger, or this is who you are by definition (Carpetbagger – a person who profits from the instability and power vacuum that existed at this time.) If this is truly your nature, then you are the type of scum that has keep this city in the gutter, because you are profiting from the lack of strong leadership in the city. I suppose this explains why you never cared for my opinions back the 90’s or now, because you never wanted me to shine the light on all the inadequacies of this city and its prior leadership. Thank you Carpetbagger, I really enjoyed this time and will always be grateful to residents of Santa Ana in electing me to represent THEM. This just make me feel young again.


    Honorable Ted Moreno
    Youngest Santa Ana Councilmen

  5. To who may concern..PLEASE HELP!!!!! January 19 2015
    On Monday 12.10 am our friend was shot in SANTANA CALIFORNIA.IN APROX 500 BLOCK OF SOUTH MAXINE STREET.
    Our friend is an exchange student from SAUDI ARABIA his name is MANSUR AL HZWOBR
    and he was assaulted at gun point as soon as he park his car in the neighborhood when he was about to visit his girlfriend , as soon as he park another car cut him off and 2 Hispanic persons were driving a Toyota Camry the passenger of the car got out and ask for money at gun point Mansur replied I have no Money ,he was ask again ..give me all your money .. he replied I have no money please take my car . the shooter said I dont want your car I want your money and shoot him at short distance .
    The bullet came into Mansur”s Back and his spinal cord as well as other organs were damaged.
    Our friend was in ICU for 3 days and still in the Hospital UC IRVINE MEDICAL CENTER.
    The doctors opinion is that Mansur is totally disable he will never have an opportunity to walk and he will be disable for life.
    His father was notified in SOUTH ARABIA .. HE IS FROM THE CITY OF AL HASA .
    His father is waiting for his visa and probably will be here next week.
    Mansur attended kaplan in Irvine International Study institute.
    Mansur is in this country by himself and only a couple friends are visiting him but they are also exchange students and when we have ask the police about the investigation they refer him as ANOTHER MAN.

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