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Daniel Alvarez, a 44-year-old Norwalk man, was arrested on Wednesday at Knott’s Soak City on suspicion of lewd acts against a minor, according to the Buena Park Police Dept.

The victim alleged that Alvarez grabbed them from behind and tried to touch their private areas as they were in the wave pool at Knott’s Soak City, on July 25.

The victim was at the wave pool with other minors from a summer camp. They notified the lifeguards and security guards when the incident happened.

Another teen followed the suspect into a bathroom. That teen complained that Alvarez greeted him and was “way too comfortable.”

That teen also told ABC News that Alvarez kept looking them over and he was trying to position himself where he could see the teen’s body as the teen was in a bathing suit.

It is not known why the Buena Park Police Dept. took so long to arrest Alvarez. But they did ask the OCDA to consider filing charges against Alvarez.

A similar incident happened back in 2009, when Albert Omar Martinez, 32, a Downey resident, committed lewd acts upon a teenage girl by rubbing up against her at the same Tidal Wave wave pool at Soak City. He was convicted of that offense as well as a similar incident that occurred in 2009 involving another victim.

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