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Alex Flores saves SAC Summer Session

When Alex Flores raised money to save summer classes at Santa Ana College, he was building a New Santa Ana!

And now for something completely different…this is Santa Ana’s new blog.  It is a place to talk about how we can make this city a better place to live.

This won’t be a political blog – or a website to throw tantrums and yell at each other.  This is going to be something new – and something positive.

If you live here in Santa Ana, or work here or own a business here, this blog is for you.  If you are involved in public affairs or a non profit organization that serves the people of Santa Ana, this blog is for you.  This is YOUR blog.  If you want to get involved, click here and let me know.  I will be happy to set you up with an account so you can blog here too.

So who am I and why am I starting this blog?  My name is Art Pedroza.  I started what became Orange County’s first political blog, the Orange Juice, back in 2003.  The Orange Juice blog is now the top-rated political blog in California, according to Blognetnews.com.

I have lived in Santa Ana for over 15 years.  In that time I have served on the Santa Ana Public Library Board and the Santa Ana Housing & Redevelopment Commission.  I am also a past President of Santa Ana Neighborhood Housing Services.  I served on the board of the Artesia Pilar Neighborhood Association and I was a newsletter editor for the Park Santiago Neighborhood Association.  I have run for the Santa Ana School Board and the Santa Ana City Council.  I much prefer blogging to running for office, so I won’t be doing the latter again any time soon.

While I greatly enjoy publishing the Orange Juice, I believe it is time for something new here in Santa Ana.  We have all spent the last many years yelling at each other and our city is still mired in problems.  I think it is time for us to collectively roll up our sleeves and start talking about how to make things better.  That is the premise of this new blog.

So do you have an event in town that you want to publicize?  If so, this is your blog.  Do you have an idea about how to make things better?  Then this is your blog.  Are you looking for others who are like-minded to help you with a community project?  I hope so!  This is the right place to do that.

BUT – if you are looking to trash someone or pick a fight, then this is NOT your blog.  Please feel free to check in at the Orange Juice blog and you can engage in political battles 24/7.

Here at the New Santa Ana blog we are going to try positive thinking.  I believe in the people of Santa Ana.  Do you?

Art Pedroza, Editor

By Editor

The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Santa Ana blog!”
  1. The final Friday Night Campfire of the season will be held at the new Nature Center at Santiago Park Friday Sept, 4th at 7pm to 10 pm

    Naturalist For You “First Friday Night Fire at Santiago Park”
    Fri Aug 7 7:30pm – Fri Aug 7 9:30pm Join us for an evening around the campfire with storytelling, music, or a natural history presentation on the first Friday of every month through September. Who: All ages (Minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian.) Where: Meet at Santiago Creek Wildlife & Watershed Center parking lot within the Santiago Park Nature Reserve, E Memory Ln, Santa Ana, CA 92705, (714) 647-6902. Where E Memory Lane curves north to Parker St, look for the small driveway with large boulders and a green nature center building on the east side. Parking is free. Special Supplies: Food (marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, hot dogs, hot cider, hot cocoa, etc.), skewers, warm blankets, portable seat cushion, flashlight. Special Instructions/Supplies: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before start time. Bring a minimum of 1 quart (32 oz) of water per person. Bring snacks and/or full meal. Wear weather protection (jacket, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.), durable hiking socks and close-toed hiking shoes (extra pair for wet tours), long pants, and backpack for snacks. Bring swimsuit and towel for wet tours. Bring first aid kit (Band-Aids, antiseptic, allergy medicine, tweezers, etc.) and cell phone. Bring flashlight/headlamp and layered clothing for evening tours. Walking sticks are recommended for tours with stream crossings or uneven terrain. RSVP: Please email jrobinson@naturalist-for-you.org or call 714-639-8480. Please leave your name, contact information, and total # in your party. See http://www.naturalist-for-you.org/calendar.htm for upcoming tours.

  2. If you are interested in seeing ceramic art locally, I have several suggestions: at Santa Ana College, which as a fabulous program lead by professor Patric S. Crabb, there is a permanent display in an outdoor show case on the south side of Building “C”. There are works of 20 very creative advanced students on display. Also, currently there is a display of African pieces by advanced students in the lobby of Building “C”. Another current location to see ceramic art in a Santa Ana location is Muddy’s Studio, they are having a jurried show in Myers Gallery. Here is a link: http://www.muddysstudio.com/show2.htm

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