Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

When a Tustin resident noticed an occupied Tesla loitering in their neighborhood for over an hour, they decided to call the Tustin Police Department.

Tustin police officers arrived within minutes and observed the driver was passed out with drug paraphernalia visible through the windows. The suspect suddenly awoke and placed the Tesla in reverse. Hearing the distinct hum of the reversing EV, the officers charged forward to prevent his escape.

The subject began to resist arrest and struggled with officers inside the vehicle. During the struggle, officers observed the handgrip of a handgun on the passenger seat that was easily accessible to the subject. Fortunately, the officer on scene has years of jiu-jitsu experience and prevented the subject from reaching for the handgun.

Ultimately, he was arrested and was shocked to find out his plethora of felony convictions made the firearm possession unlawful. The dozens of identifying documents belonging to various victims found in the vehicle weren’t legal either.

The subject, who was on Post Release Community Supervision, was booked at Orange County Jail and charged with six felonies and four misdemeanors. He will be eating jail food for a while.

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