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The Santa Ana City Council unanimously approved the City of Santa Ana’s first Parks Master Plan on Tuesday, May 17, to guide its investment in parks, facilities, trails, and open space over the next 10 years.

This document addresses park access citywide with a goal of making more parks and programs available to everyone in one of the most densely populated and park-poor cities in the region.

The Parks Master Plan:

Defines the City’s mission for parks and recreation.
Identifies community priorities for park system enhancements and improvements, including increases in parkland from 1.1 acres for every 1,000 residents to 1.5 acres per 1,000 residents as the first step, with a long-range goal to provide 3 acres of parkland for every 1,000 residents in the future.
Addresses park access and equity issues on a citywide scale, identifying 43 areas that are “park deficient.”
Provides an overarching investment strategy to increase parkland, diversify recreation options, and sustain existing assets to support community livability, park safety, trail connectivity, health and wellness, and our quality of life.
The Parks Master Plan was developed through an 18-month process that combined broad resident and stakeholder engagement with a data-driven technical analysis to identify community needs. City staff, key stakeholders and city leaders formed a Project Advisory Group that worked together to ensure the plan reflects the aspirations and goals of Santa Ana.

The City currently manages 54 parks, nine joint-use school sites, and approximately 13 miles of off-street trails for recreational use. These sites support a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities and programs.

Read the Parks Master Plan (pending final changes approved by City Council) here.

Plan Maestro de Parques aprobado

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