Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Police detectives had been investigating a case involving a subject that threatened employees of a local business over a contract dispute. The suspect said he had a gun and would shoot them, according to the Garden Grove Police Department.

During the investigation, Detectives were able to identify the suspect (Stephen Joseph Strigas, 61 years old), his vehicle and residence; and the fact that he had numerous firearms registered to him.

Yesterday, March 14, 2024, with the assistance of the Community Impact Unit (CIU), Detectives contacted Strigas as he arrived to work in Fontana and took him into custody.

A subsequent search of his vehicle revealed an AR-10 rifle in his vehicle along with numerous rounds of ammunition.

During an execution of a search warrant of Strigas’ residence in San Bernardino County, additional firearms and ammunition were also located. He was later booked into Orange County Jail for making criminal threats.

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