Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Sky High Holistic, an infamous medical marijuana dispensary that sued the City of Santa Ana and got an award of $100K after SAPD police officers raided them back in 2015, was raided again today as Santa Ana Code Enforcement and police officers finally closed down the illegal business, according to the O.C. Register.

The lawsuit in 2015 was due to the fact that several SAPD police officers busted Sky High’s video equipment while eating their granola bars. They also threatened a disabled woman.

Sky High and another illegal dispensary are in the same strip mall, at the 400 block of West 17th St. The City of Santa Ana has raided these dispensaries numerous times and closed them but they keep reopening.

I heard a news report on the radio today that the police officers found an ATM at Sky High that was loaded with cash as well.

Today’s raid began in the morning, at about 8 a.m. The code enforcement officials and police officers served administrative warrants on the illegal dispensaries because of their continuing code violations and the fact that these businesses have been operating illegally, according to the SAPD.

Dispensaries in Santa Ana have to get a city permit and a state marijuana dispensary license as well.

For whatever reason neither of these dispensaries were among the 20 marijuana shops that applied for city permits as part of Measure BB, the city ballot initiative that the voters approved back in November of 2014. Neither of these illegal dispensaries have state licenses either.

The code enforcement officials also found large propane tanks at Sky High that were being used to power generators that were on the roof of the building. This is how they were running their lights.

Now Sky High has been red-tagged. That means no one can occupy the business any more.

Drivers apparently kept coming up to Sky High and quickly left when they saw the police officers.

Police officers stayed on the scene until the early afternoon as items were removed from the businesses in evidence bags. The windows and entrances to the dispensaries were also sealed with large metal door-lie coverings.

One can only hope that these illegal dispensaries will stay shut down this time.

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