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Imagine a mom telling her daughter to “go and hit” another player at a youth basketball game? That allegedly happened in Garden Grove recently at a youth basketball game.

Lauryn Ham, a 15-year-old, was sucker punched by another player, from Los Angeles, whose father is allegedly a former NBA player. Ham had been guarding that player prior to the sudden and vicious attack.

Witnesses heard the attacker’s mom telling her daughter to go hit Ham. And she did!

The attack left Ham with a with a bruised neck and a concussion.

Ham plays for a club team called the “SoCal Blaze.” Her attacker plays for the Dream Academy.

Neither the attacker, or her mother, have apologized.

The Garden Grove Police Department is investigating the attack but at this time charges have not been filed.

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6 thoughts on “Teenage girl sucker punched by another player at a youth basketball game in Garden Grove”
  1. If this had happened out on the street, the attacker would be arrested for assault.
    Not sure what’s to investigate. The video is pretty clear.

  2. Ban the family. If this is true that she apparently did this to two other players in September, then she should be banned from all future playing.

    1. Yes, I agree, ban both the player and her mother and charge the mother under California’s Parental Responsibility Laws for being a HORRIBLE mother! Then send the attacker and her HORRIBLE mother to a girl’s boxing gym and let them use her as a punching bag!

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