Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

On Monday evening, San Clemente Deputies responded to a theft in progress at a local Target store.

Upon arrival, the Deputies swiftly took the suspect into custody.

During their investigation, it was revealed that the suspect drove to Target in a stolen car and was found in possession of drugs, burglary tools, and $3,000 worth of stolen merchandise.

We are fortunate that the OCDA will prosecute such criminals and lock them up for years.

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One thought on “Suspect in a stolen car arrested by O.C. deputies after stealing from a Target store”
  1. Guess these crooks weren’t very good at their job if they got caught. Lock ’em up for a long time! No matter, they’ll just get out and do crimes again bcuz they are unemployable especially with a THEFT record. Until crinimals repent and go good, the cycle continues. Whatever happened to rehabilitation, not just incarceration. Society is ridiculous now. Anyone want to agree/disagree? Chime in.

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