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Trinity Law School celebrates recent State Bar passage results

I want to share with you some very good news about the recent bar passage result s for Trinity Law School alumni. Our overall bar passage rate is the highest we have seen since 2002! We are pleased and grateful for this evidence of forward momentum as we have been working diligently to raise our pass rate.

We are especially proud of our alumni who have worked very hard to achieve this great goal. We have had students pass after multiple attempts, including some who passed on the sixth attempt. We are thrilled to see our alumni pursue this goal with great tenacity, especially knowing the great financial investment and the cost in time that this has taken.

Specifically, 81 of our alumni took the bar exam in February and 17 passed, for a total pass rate of 22%. Of first time takers, 3 out of 17 passed, for a pass rate of 17.6%, and of repeat takers, 14 of 64 passed, for a pass rate of 22%. Over our 30 year history, approximately 42% of our graduates who have attempted the bar exam have ultimately passed. That’s 173 of our graduates who have done so, so far. We are proud of all of those who put forth great efforts to add to these numbers, and are eager to help others who are continue in their attempts.

Our new alumni bar members are entering law practice at one of the most challenging times in the history of the profession. We urge all of our alumni to be supportive of these new members of the bar, and the many who will be taking the exam again next month. Your support in prayer, personal encouragement, and even employment, will be of great benefit to each one of these individuals.


Myron Steeves
Director of Development & Alumni Relations
Trinity Law School | 2200 N. Grand Ave | Santa Ana | CA | 92705

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3 thoughts on “Santa Ana’s Trinity Law School celebrates recent State Bar passage results”
  1. Hi Dean, I attended Trinity Law School and Graduated in 2004/05 and subsequently was unsuccessful after (5) attempts…my primary concern is now my Student Loan debt started at 54k and now I owe 104K and climbing. Since, only 22% of Trinity Pass the 1st time and only 17% pass as a repeat try… but 42% (173)Pass at some point….well what about the 48% who did not? How many of both those groups..those who finally passed and those who ever passed the Bar should be considered and published, in fact an addendum should be attached anyone applying for Federal Loans as to the effect of what happens if you DO NOT PASS…My credit is destroyed, there is No BK protection and as a Christians we have a higher Moral duty to inform all Students who are considering taking Fed Loans…think about it…How many Youngsters who get saddled into this Loan Scheme will Never have the ability to live beyond Minimal means…You can’t qualify for a Home Loan…in fact we/Trinity is contributing more to the breakdown of the family unit that helping achieve all because of these Horrible Federal Loans…Trinity should refund re-troactively all Graduates who are saddled in this Debt and Stop allowing Fed. loans to finance this 4-5th rate tier Law School…talk about Hypocrisy..I wished I never went to Trinity…forced to take (4) religious courses not Bar Prep courses offered and Trinity’s Bar rate at 22% is the best since 2002…Wow Zero important..Jonathon Brown: Please Call me anytime….well at least I stepped up and put Trinity on Notice….you guys should be doing everything to help this situation…get a Congressman/Senator to get a BK bill going on the Hill…if they can help homeowners and credit card debt..they certianly should be willing to help the now “Enslaved” Students..Student Debt is around 1 Trillion…

  2. I think you will find that the pass rate at Whittier Law school is not much better. Didn’t JFK Junior go to Harvard Law school but have to take the test multiple times to pass? I say anyone “smart” enough to go to law school should understand that a loan is a contract which must be paid back. Rather than bail outs for economic deadbeats, I say lets’ bring back the Debtors Prison!

  3. Why is the pass rate so low? Has to be among the lowest in California if not in the USA
    Is it bad teachers, bad students, bad infrastructure (library, data banks etc) or bad curricula?
    Asking for a friend. 🙂

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