Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

After a night of civil unrest and senseless property damage, it is our very own Santa Ana community that has come out early this morning to help with the clean up efforts, along with City of Santa Ana crews and local business owners and their employees, according to the SAPD’s Twitter account.

The rioters last night threw rocks and other projectiles and set off fireworks and then they started looting stores. There were hundreds of them and I am not at all sure that they were all from here in Santa Ana.

I was out walking north on Main St. last night, at about 11 p.m., heading north past the Discovery Cube when dozens of cars, perhaps as many as 100, passed by me driving at high speed, running red lights, with people hanging out the vehicle windows. I am certain these people were out of towners heading to Santa Ana to cause trouble. There was not a cop in sight as they were all deployed elsewhere.

Residents and community members were joined in the cleanup this morning by Santa Ana City council members Juan Villegas, Vicente Sarmiento, Phil Bacerra and David Penaloza, according to the Voice of OC. Cecilia Iglesias, the City Council Member who was recently recalled, was also there.

The riots are likely far from over. Many retailers have permanently closed while weathering this storm.

For Santa Ana the riots are a total disaster as our city struggles to recover from the ongoing pandemic.

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15 thoughts on “Santa Ana residents got up early today to clean up the mess left by the rioters”
  1. At 11:00 pm The Santa Ana Police, The Tustin Police and the OC Sheriffs were trying to stop the rioting and looting down Bristol and McFadden by Santa Ana young people. It started way before dusk. There is at least two videos that shows everything. I think the young man filming was “Juan Perez” who they call “Puga”. On Youtube and Facebook.

    1. We must not allow these so called protesters to feel comfortable OR welcomed in the City of Santa. When you see these people, we should voice our feelings to them and say “‘You are trouble makers and you are not welcomed here”‘ Just make sure the light is about to turn green and that there are no cars in front of you 😉

  2. This is not a protest, this is an opportunity for opportunist. Antifa and BLM are both terrorist that insight riots, hate and segregation.

  3. On Sun late afternoon, i was headed towards Home Depot in Santa Ana while driving e bound on 1st. I saw sporadic crowds of people walk towards Down Town Santa Ana. As i made a right turn on Main st, i also saw MORE of these crowds making their way towards DT Santa Ana. Many of these people were white and of different ages. There were also some African American & latino too. These people weren’t from Santa Ana because i drive throughout Santa Ana everyday and I’ve never seen them here before. They just didn’t fit in, especially the white people which looked like they were from an affluent suburban neighborhood. They looked like they were ready to cause trouble. Just as i had seen on tv. I just hope that our Local politicians and Law enforcement dont get caught off gaurd with these people who call themselves peaceful protesters. Im not buying it ! Our local politicians have been Catering to this type of crowd after Down Town Santa Ana has been gentrified. City of Santa Ana should be more proactive in the future. And stop catering to the progressive crowds that have been infiltrating the City of Santa. Be more conservative in who we welcome in our City and don’t let these groups of protesters dictate what happens in our City,

    Puro Santa Ana 🙂

    1. People shouldnt be allowed to loot but segregation isnt the answear for santa ana. If you look up down town history not to long ago store front signs on 4th street said: No Dogs or Mexicans Allowed. Sorry to break it to you, but its the whites that bought those gentrified downtown galleries/condos. Reverse racism is not the way to go for santa ana.

  4. Yes but surely the rioters are going to send all the proceeds from their thefts to the family of the victim. Just like they sent it all to IRodney Kings family.

    1. John, thanks for your comment, but, respectfully, I highly doubt those looters or vigilantes give two shits about the grieving family members of Mr. Floyd. Let’s be better with the comments and not same the family for the shameful acts of people who do not care about them or our communities.

  5. It’s a shame what they have done but we all got together we clean up this is America respect

  6. I would possibly agree with peaceful protests if the police officer who committed the crime was not being sentenced. These opportunist have not helped our community and have given Santa Ana a bad name.

    1. Hate to break it to you, but when I bought my home in the suburbs of Santa ana 25 years ago, I was ashamed to say I live in Santa Ana. Today, i’m more ashamed. I shop, do everything in other cities. We are moving. The whole state knows Santa Ana is the dump of the state, along with Anaheim and Los Angeles. It’s time for our family, our adult kids, grandkids to leave the state we were born in. My great grandfather helped start Alvaro Street. Everything has gone down hill and more expensive to even live in it for areas that are declining.

        1. We are headed to idaho. They pay nothing to illegals. 6% tax, 1% property tax. They don’t have homeless and their state Constitution requires equal representation o of conservative and democratic parties. There are many states like this. Congress meets only a portion of the year. They aren’t full time so they can pass every tax they can think of. It’s just time to join the rest that are fleeing CA in droves. Santa Ana has declined. No 2 ways about it. The state has declined. I wish you well! God bless!

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