Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Bloody hammer

Violence has been growing in Santa Ana all year long but today we hit a new low as a man attacked another man with a hammer after they had a disagreement on Thursday evening about recyclables, according to the O.C. Register.

SAPD police officers interviewed the victim at an unnamed local hospital at 5:30 pm, where he was being treated for a 1-inch cut on his head and an ankle injury.

Apparently the man was attacked by a fellow after they got into a heated argument over bottles and cans at the 500 block of Warner Street, in Santa Ana.  As the argument escalated the suspected pulled out a hammer and smacked the victim on his head, causing the laceration.

A friend of the victim drove him to a hospital.  The cause of his ankle injury has not been determined.

The attacker took off and was not captured.  He remains anonymous.

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