Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Abel Joseph Orduna, a 21-year-old Santa Ana man, pleaded guilty and was immediately sentenced Wednesday to 10 years in prison for a violent robbery and attempted carjacking in Garden Grove, according to the O.C. Register.

Orduna pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder and one count each of robbery, possession of a short-barreled shotgun and attempted carjacking, all felonies.

Garden Grove police officers responded on Nov. 17, just before 2:30 p.m., to reports of shots fired at Harbor Blvd. and Buaro St., in Garden Grove. The responding police officers found two male victims suffering from gunshot wounds.

Both of the victims survived wounds to their necks and chests.

Orduna did not stop there. After the attack he brandished a sawed-off rifle while trying to carjack a victim at Harbor and Garden Grove Blvds. The police finally caught him nearby, recovered the weapon and stolen property, and arrested him.

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One thought on “Santa Ana man gets 10 years in prison after an armed robbery and carjacking attempt in Garden Grove”
  1. I’ll always wonder why it wasn’t ever mentioned that there were four men who had also had a weapon them selfs oh yea because the two who weren’t shot took off, thats four against one person who came back to Abel Joseph orduna with who knows what intentions they had for him that lead him up to the decision that I’m not supporting but that lead him to the decison that night the people of the Santa and garden grove court and law systems are happy to take in one person who was in a way defending himself because he couldn’t trust the police departments of Santa Ana and garden grove to do so because they too are not who they are supposed to be they don’t protect the community instead they violate and take advantage of the badge they were given but I’ll save that for some other time but the departments are happy they put one away n let four go on to shoot and hurt people after they heal and after they storm is over so I hope there proud they got there picture perfect story for the paper they caught the bad guy who is really not a bad guy just a trouble bullied kid who hasn’t had much of a chance to have a stable life who has such a warm heart who just wanted to be helped he was homeless out in the streets being jumped by people such as those four let’s say immature wanna be gansters who are free and going to actually kill and cause more crime and deaths than the one they have put in prison for 10 years Abel Joseph orduna is a person who didn’t have the best up bringing but always did they best he could and I know because I AM HIS SISTER I don’t agree with what he chose to do but I i who has been behind the seems and also violated by police and can’t trust anyone working for the government systems understand why he did but there’s four men out there who are free the one kid who stands up for him self at school. Finally n gets caught hitting after he’s been bullied and beat for so long where is the justice in that then u have the public defender not really defending his client cause he’s friends with the system designed to make u think ur getting the best deal there is just because they wanna me it up in the rank n the prosecutors over whelmed with so many cases probably hasn’t got laid in months not happy with there life not even considering the fact that there about to ruin a life that just needed some help that’s out justice here in the United States it makes me sick good luck to all those worse cases ur going to have because of the “victims” u let go of u guys are doing one hell of a job

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