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When Santa Ana Mayor Vince Sarmiento was elected and he took control of the City Council majority the notion of a police commission began to pick up steam. However Sarmiento and his woke City Council allies may end crafting a police commission that favors criminals not public safety. That is astounding in a city that is awash in gang violence, illicit drug sales and mass homelessness.

The ad hoc City Council committee tasked with drafting the police commission proposal includes Mayor Pro Tem Phil Bacerra and woke city council members Jessie Lopez and Johnathan Ryan Hernandez. Bacerra is the only Council Member on the commission that has consistently supported law enforcement.

Hernandez, predictably, has been a negative influence. His public comments about the police commission have been completely dismaying including:

  • Hernandez mentioned at the December City Council meeting that he would like to have people on the commission who have been through the justice system. He repeated this idea at a recent City Council meeting saying that the police commission should include members who are “justice-impacted,” which means members who’ve been in and out of jail and/or arrested.
  • You read that correctly. Hernandez wants to put criminals on our police commission – to review what our police officers do and to judge and castigate the police officers.
Who do you support for the O.C. Board of Supervisors in District 2?
Who do you support for the O.C. Board of Supervisors in District 2?

Who do you support for the O.C. Board of Supervisors in District 2?

Who do you support for the O.C. Board of Supervisors in District 2?

Who do you support for the O.C. Board of Supervisors in District 2?

Santa Ana residents responded to a city survey with input on police oversight indicating that their top priorities for the proposed commission include transparency, community outreach, use of statistical pattern analysis, open communication with the police department, independence, access to public records, increased resources, increased protection for peace officer rights and support for government and elected officials. Note that residents did NOT ask to have criminals put on our police commission!

Hernandez also recently voiced his complete opposition to having any members, current or retired, of law enforcement on our police commission. His statements were so ridiculous that his woke ally, City Council Woman Thai Viet Phan, disagreed with him.

Hernandez went as far as to compare police officers to gang members. He said that “The same culture that we have in the barrios, where people say, ‘snitches get stitches. This culture also exists in policing.”

Hernandez also said that police are reluctant to expose the wrongdoing of other officers.

Hernandez added that “As this country is facing and as we’ve seen some very adverse police misconduct all throughout the country, I think it’s necessary to have an ideological shift in the inclusivity of the criminal justice system.”

Remember that Hernandez thought it was police misconduct for police officers from Anaheim and the SAPD to pursue his cousin, Brandon Lopez, a few months ago, after Lopez was reported to be driving a stolen vehicle. Lopez led police on a wild chase through four cities and was finally stopped when he tried to drive through the Santa Ana streetcar construction area and the car got stuck. Lopez then appeared to be taking drugs for hours before the SWAT officers finally, after some three hours, gassed the car and Lopez jumped out and ran with something in his hand. The officers thought it was a gun and opened fire. It turned out to be a black bag. Lopez had told his family members that he intended to commit suicide by cop.

Hernandez called those officers murderers and never held his own cousin and family to account. That is the problem with Hernandez. He will reliably side with criminals. By his own admission he grew up steeped in gang culture. He sees the gangs as his constituents. In his mind the police are the bad guys. It is insane that someone with an attitude like that got elected to the Santa Ana City Council.

Phan responded to Hernandez by saying that she has spoken to a number of individuals who said it’s important to prohibit current and former officers from serving on the commission. She pointed out that if police officers go before the police commission they will lose credibility and faith if no one on the commission has had experience in law enforcement. Phan said. “I think that by allowing former law enforcement, maybe not current law enforcement, we have that experience, that capacity, but also continue to build that public trust.”

At this point you really have to wonder why anyone would want to serve as a police officer in Santa Ana. Why would you want to work for politicians like Sarmiento and Hernandez who think the police are the bad guys?

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11 thoughts on “Santa Ana City Councilman Hernandez wants criminals to be part of the police commission”
  1. “He said that “The same culture that we have in the barrios, where people say, ‘snitches get stitches. This culture also exists in policing.”” And you are claiming that it the attitude does NOT exist in police dep’ts? Want to tell that to Jed Blair? He dared to drop a dime on some bad cops…then when he needed assistance in an arrest, no one was available. Even the officers who were sent to back him up mysteriously disappeared. There have been MANY cases of cops turning their backs on other cops. Ever heard of Frank Serpico?

  2. Bad idea. It’s like adding whiskey to a margarita. It’s just not supposed to mix.

    However ex criminals as probation officers?

    Cops need to stop criminals. No way to mix unless your watching a movie which would be the most likely place for a positive outcome. It’s just fantasy land.

    But POs, good ones at least are working to provide resources and opportunities for individuals to change there ways. I can see someone who’s past is checkered but has proven to have changed and has met the other standards can do some real good with having front line understandings of the struggles.

    Hernandez not far off but still in fantasy land like most of the time.

  3. Art, I just saw the video of Councilmember Hernandez telling his “constituents” F%$K THE POLICE. Adding “F… it, let’s take the fight to them in Irvine, Mission Viejo and Floral Park, they don’t even live here” repeating the oft used argument by Benevides and Renya. Apparently forgetting Floral Park IS in Santa Ana!!!

    Imagine that a sitting government elected official promoting violence against Law Officers.

    Upside down world.

    1. It is completely insane. I suspect that Sarmiento’s alliance with Hernandez is going to cost him the supervisorial election…

      1. Hopefully. He has had resident issues too right?

        Plus when asked about the Asian Hate mail regarding KBN he was silent.


  4. I will state there are pros and cons to this article and what you state about Jonathan as our councilmen in Santa Ana. One he has made a big difference in the community bringing everyone together to stand as one. Second, he fights for what he believes in whether some think it’s right or wrong. He does not stand behind a computer, he fights, and if it works it works, if it doesn’t at least he tried to make a difference. We all have the right to our own opinion so here is mine. One thing that I disagree with you on is that he promoted hatred against law enforcement. Law enforcement showed how cruel they can be against racial discrimination in our local “hoods”, not just Santa Ana but other cities he is connected with in the black and brown communities. As a councilman he hears out his community and tries his best to come out with the best outcome. I disagree you stating criminals should not be part of the law enforcement commission. so, what they were gang members, criminals in their past, if they can show they are bettering their life, swore in, and actually pursue careers, I do not see an issue with that. So, tell me, has anyone on here writing ever done something bad but were given a second chance or warning? Are you stating we cannot give a use to be criminal or O.G a second chance? Maybe look into the organized all over UC’s and Cal states that advocate for Prisoners who want to do better once they come out, or during their time in prisons, you will surprise how many “criminals” are almost done getting their bachelors and PHDs. What Jonathan is doing is making this community better, and safe all around, does it sound crazy to allow certain individuals to help with police commission? sure! but you will never know until we try it out. There are no rights or wrong just learned lesson to make something better for everyone. Honestly, I was raised in the hood, so I agree to disagree that having cops and or criminals on police commission make no difference. if anything, officers will treat the criminals with discrimination for being part of the police commission. The criminals will be faced with biases, a racial issue while being a police commissioner. Cops are no different from us, we are all humans everyone makes mistakes, and we still manage to get a second chance, and if Jonathan wants to provide that so be it, vote on it and see the outcome. What do you think?

        1. Councilman Hernandez grew up in a Santa Ana gang family and he regularly attacks our police instead of going after the gangs. Ask most people in Santa Ana and they will tell you that the main crime problem in our city is the gangs. Instead Hernandez attacks the police, who are tasked with arresting his friends in the gangs.

          1. Like I stated before what does gangs have to do with this article and comments.

            I read some of your articles, and they have something bad to say about the councilmen Jonathan Hernandez, including the mayor and other candidates running this year that Hernandez approves of.

            To answer your question about asking locals about him…
            I’m a local myself and part of those “hoods” so many I’ve asked when I head over to events, say he does good for the community, some SAPD speak highly. From the knowledge that was given, he is against police brutality from what I see and those are facts, from what I read he represent all not just gangs. You mean he tries to make the community better for former gangs members and low income to make a difference? That’s all I see.
            You did not answer my question when I asked, so I will ask again.

            Do you believe in second chances?

          2. What I do not believe in is defunding the police. As I stated the problem in our city is the gangs not the police.

            Hernandez constantly attacks the police and defends criminals. I do not believe that the majority of our residents agree with that.

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