Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Maybe Michele Martinez needs a time machine so she can vote again for a new City Manager?

So this is what it has come down to.  The two or three defenders of the Santa Ana City Council majority are now pleading on the blogs, anonymously of course, for a new national search for a new City Manager even though we already have one and he was selected unanimously by the Council.  And they gave him a contract that pretty much backfires on them if they can him.

The reality folks is that the Council Majority is desperate to take complete power at City Hall and that is not going to happen as long as Paul Walters is at the helm.  Note that former Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez is gone now.  She was the one who kept these guys from breaking the law.  The good news is that now she can come after them as an Orange County Deputy District Attorney – and that is just what it might come down to.

These awful Council members want Walters out so they can appoint a patsy, who will let them run wild.  Rumor has it that they already have their guy selected and that all of this talk of a national search is total B.S.  They allegedly want to hire Santa Ana Parks and Rec Agency Director Gerardo Mouet to replace Walters – even though Mouet has no experience as a City Manager and less qualifications and experience than Walters.

What say you? Here is your chance to vote in our new poll: Does Santa Ana really need a new City Manager?

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17 thoughts on “Poll: Does Santa Ana really need a new City Manager?”
  1. Why doesn’t Ms. Martinez answer questions about this?

    What about Councilmember Benavide’s, who ran for Mayor on an open government/change platform?

    They have not made a single statement about this. More political BS from under performing people.


    Please find out Admin. He won’t answer the public. Maybe you could ask Art Lomeli. He seems to be in touch with him???? Why a Millionare dentist from Orange Hills would be pushing him is unknown to me.

      1. Several websites and his Facebook page claim he “Attended” UCSD. Nowhwere does he claim to have a degree.

        he belongs to several allumni groups but NOWHERE does he list a degree.

        Someone should cut this in the chase and ask: DO YOU HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE?

        But, then again, the media in OC are afraid to ask David if he cheated on his wife and kids so I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Gerardo is a milk toast non-threatening, non-macho man who will do what what they ask of him as long as he gets his big fat pay check. Did you know his wife has a blog Art? Why don’t you check it out and see if we can learn anything about the new Power Couple soon to perhaps be running our town!

  4. I guess she’s taken down some of the super cool pics of Gerardo so to see them just search Google images for: Gerardo Mouet

    I wonder who paid for their Cheryl Crow tickets?

  5. I like the Benevolent Dictator that we already have.
    I like the Crack Cooking Police Chief Manager that we have also.
    I like their Propaganda Minister.
    He makes me laugh.
    I like the Fake Springsters too.
    and the missing Council Woman.

    It’s all good man. Santa Ana Rocks.

  6. He’s on the Fair Board? Great… another Government employee on the take. Don’t you remember all the controversy over that board and the free concert tickets? Just what Santa Ana needs. We really are turning into Bell/South Gate. I wonder how many Council members have been getting free tickets to concerts as well?

  7. How about a request to see all the tickets he has used and given away? Mouet appears to be as crooked as the day is long.

  8. Art, Sometimes the best Defense is a good Offense.
    Why don’t you ask people to let you know what they know about this Gerardo Mouet fellow. He seems prett shady and I think the residents deserve to know who the Gang of 5 are trying to push on us.

  9. “I heard Gerardo was half Muslim. French Algerian Muslim, possibly linked to Algerian Al Queda”

    I don’t believe any of that is true but he is a tool of the current council willing to sell his soul for a raise in pay to over $200,000.

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