Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

The Orange County Fire Authority’s emergency command center received a call for a traffic collision at Jeronimo Road and Heidi Avenue on Sunday shortly before 6:30 PM.

Based on caller information that there may be entrapment, our dispatcher upgraded the incident to a traffic collision cut and rescue call.

Engines 19 and 222, Truck 20, and Battalion 9 responded to the intersection to find a two vehicle traffic collision with a sheared fire hydrant with a car suspended from the significant pressure. Fortunately both drivers had self-extricated prior to the arrival of the fire crew.

Firefighter paramedics treated both drivers and they were transported to the hospital – one requiring paramedic level care.

While the two were being transported, firefighters on scene continued to work on isolating the water grid on each side of the hydrant.

This lowered the car and the firefighters were eventually able to access the water shutoff adjacent to the car.

Assistance was provided by the OC Sheriff’s Department’s Lake Forest Police Services division and the City of Lake Forest.

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