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OCSD statement on ACLU of Southern California’s Jails Project Report

SANTA ANA, Calif. (June 27, 2017) – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California released a report today on the Orange County jail system managed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The report presents a purposely distorted view of the Orange County Jails. The ACLU’s findings are largely based on interviews and surveys of former inmates. While inmates certainly have a perspective to offer on our jail system, the failure to include the perspective of law enforcement has resulted in a report that only tells one side of the story.

The ACLU references past Orange County Grand Jury Reports and inspection reports by other outside agencies. Unfortunately the ACLU’s report fails to give the full story of those inspections. Like all custody operations, Orange County’s jail facilities are inspected on a regular basis by multiple government agencies and independent oversight authorities. Such inspections generally result in positive reviews of our jails and include findings that shows the jails meet current state and federal standards for custody operations. Regulatory agencies that routinely inspect our facilities include the Board of State and Community Corrections, the US Department of Justice, Orange County Health Care Agency, the Department of Homeland Security. Additionally there are numerous opportunities for the public and community groups to tour our facilities.

Jails are used to house dangerous criminals, and therefore can be a dangerous place. Jails house some of society’s worst, but fortunately we have some of societies best who work hard each day to ensure that the facilities remain safe and that inmates have an opportunity to use their time in custody to rebuild and rehabilitate their lives. It is unfortunate that the ACLU failed to take into account the work that is done by the men and women who operate our jails.

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2 thoughts on “OCSD statement on ACLU of Southern California’s Jails Project Report”
  1. ACLU is a joke. What exactly are they trying to accomplish by distorting of what is going on in the jails. Now, I don’t claim to know what goes on there but I know people who work there and I know they work diligently to make jails as safe as possible.

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