Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer’s reelect campaign has launched its first paid ad blitz of the cycle.  The ad is titled “Predator” and exposes the agenda and background of woke criminal attorney Pete Hardin.

The ad highlights Hardin’s close connections to the woke criminal justice movement, support for pro-criminal policies, and recent bombshell revelations about Hardin’s sexual misconduct while in the military and at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office under the prior administration.

The initial ad buy is targeted to reach voters across the political spectrum and throughout Orange County televisions and mobile devices using voter matched targeting.  The ad will run from now through election day across various mediums.

“Every single voter needs to know that Pete Hardin is too radical and too dangerous for Orange County,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. “This ad is the first major step in ensuring Hardin’s woke, soft-on-crime agenda and disturbing behavior is exposed for all the world to see.”

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2 thoughts on “OCDA Spitzer labels his opponent a predator in new campaign video”
  1. #toddspitzerisasexualpredator. look at all the lawsuits. that man is unstable and unhinged, according to his former boss #tonyrackauckas who gave him the boot. when your morals are too low for Tony, …… #heresyoursign ! #toddspitzerforprison2022

  2. #toddspitzerforprison2022 #toddspitzerisasexualpredator. he was fired by #tonyrackauckas for #prosecutorialmisconduct. #toddspitzer is funded by #drugdealer #henrynicholas . #lockhimup

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