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Would you tell your mom and dad “Stop watching novelas and only watch one half of a soccer game per week” Well, now you can!

In a new campaign in Spanish, a Latino leader helps you do the impossible; all you have to do is show them the video. “Ponte las Pilas Now; Suggestions From One Immigrant to Another” is a humorous video with a strong message that asks Latino immigrants to turn off their TV, bring back the term “la familia es primero” and sign a contract saying that they will do it.

The 10-minute video also offers a variety of specific suggestions to immigrants on what to do once they say goodbye to Eduardo Alfonso, the guy of novelas. Among other suggestions so they don’t get bored include: learn English in one year, invest in yourself and change from having a job to having a career, learn to use the internet, participate in your community and double the quality of time with your family.

According to Eli Reyna, creator of the project, a large number of Latino immigrants work very hard but once they come home, they remove their own batteries, turn the TV on and disconnect themselves from everything and everybody – not even their children have access to them. And if you don’t believe it, try to engage them in a conversation while they’re watching a novela or a soccer match—Good luck! Instead, many parents buy their kids tons of electronic toys so they can watch their novelas “A gusto, sin que los molesten.”

As a result, many Latino kids are not receiving adequate support in their lives and in their education and only 54% are graduating from high school. And it gets worse, according to a recent study by Northwestern University, Latino immigrant youth today spend 13 hours a day (abandoned by their parents) watching television, the internet or electronic games, four times more than White children.

Meanwhile, Latino leaders who are very worried about this situation and are trying to do something about it, have no access to them because the vast majority of Spanish-language television programs are pre-recorded. And on top of that, most programs are made in Mexico and Colombia and with an emphasis on approximately 200% in farándula, novelas, chismes and soccer. So we are depending on their children who might have access to them during one of the commercials to get their attention for a few minutes, show them the video and get them to sign a contract saying that they are going to change.

To watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q81yBHHMqs

See the website www.pontelaspilasnow.com

For more information: pontelaspilasnow@yahoo.com

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  1. I love it! ……The truth, plain and simple with a great message. For the first time in my short interaction with you Art, I am VERY proud of you that you posted this! It a brilliant message to all!

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