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2014 Christmas week crimes in Santa Ana

The Santa Ana City Council members keep saying crime is under control but just look at what happened in our city during Christmas week this year.  It was a very bloody week indeed.

  • Two 13-year-old boys were shot at around 2 p.m. Christmas Day along the 1600 block of S. Evergreen Street.  The incident may be gang-related and may have been a drive-by shooting, according to the O.C. Register.  The boys will live but they are not cooperating with the police.  (This crime occurred in Ward 1, which is represented by Mayor Pro Tem Vince Sarmiento).
  • A man on leave from the military went to a Christmas Eve party where he met a woman. They later went to her apartment in the 300 block of South Garnsey Street, where around 4:30 Christmas morning he was stabbed by the woman’s ex-boyfriend, who’d been lying in wait, according to police, according to the OC Weekly.  (This crime occurred in Ward 5, which is represented by Councilman Roman Reyna).
  • On Christmas Eve, at approximately midnight, SAPD police officers were dispatched to a call of shots fired in the area of 500 S. Sullivan Street. Witnesses informed officers they had heard approximately 4-5 shots fired. While at the call, officers were informed that a 17 year old male, later identified as Angel Arellano, arrived with multiple gunshot wounds at Coastal Community Hospital. Arellano was immediately transported to Western Medical in critical condition where he died from his injuries, as we previously reported.  Arellano, a documented Townsend Street gang member, was one of the individuals trying to stop the Orange County District Attorney’s Townsend Street injunction.  (This crime occurred in Ward 5, which is represented by Councilman Roman Reyna).

In all there were 167 crimes committed in Santa Ana during Christmas week, according to  That total included nine assaults with deadly weapons; nine residential burglaries and a slew of domestic violence incidents.  You can read the total crime log, sorted by types of crimes, here.

Ironically the FTP movement is growing in Santa Ana, at a time when if anything we need more cops, not less.

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2 thoughts on “It was a bloody Christmas week in Santa Ana”
  1. Maybe Michelle Martinez can organize a peace treaty with all the Santana gangs at El Salvador Park, since she is an FxTrooper….

  2. The politicians in Santa Ana keep popping up in articles about violence in Santa Ana when the people who are truly to blame are the parents of these Mexican kids who seem to have a lust for violence. Santa Ana has been infested with gang violence for a good fifty years. I left that town six years ago to Colorado and don’t regret it one bit

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