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Well, it looks like none of the Santa Ana City Council Members are going to challenge Republican Supervisor Janet Nguyen in 2012, so are there any viable Democrats out there who might consider taking her on?

There are a few Democratic School Board Members in Anaheim, but Santa Ana still dominates Nguyen’s First District.

The only guy I can think of who might contend is Santa Ana Unified School District Trustee Roman Reyna.  He is up for reelection too, in 2012, but the Supervisorial election is in the spring, while Reyna would have to run for the School Board in November.  That means he could conceivably run against Nguyen in June – and even if he lost he would have increased his name I.D. considerably.  He could even re-use his signs and get a multi-use website, such as

Could Reyna beat Nguyen?  He would have a shot.  Latinos are the clear majority, even in the redistricted First District.  And he is a popular School Board member.  Furthermore, it looks like he won’t be running after all for the Santa Ana City Council, now that Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez is running for reelection.

Nguyen is still reeling from the Black April fiasco of 2010, when she tried to take over the Little Saigon event, to promote Meg Whitman for Governor, and got punked by the Westminster City Council.  It was such a disaster that Nguyen cut ties with her Chief of Staff, Andrew Do, after the fact – and he later quit the Garden Grove City Council.  And in 2008, when Nguyen last ran for office, she barely won with 55% of the vote, according to Smart Voter.Nguyen also backed Van Tran last year, against popular Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

For Reyna a move to the O.C. Board of Supervisors would be a huge raise, as he currently works at the Santa Ana YMCA.  And he could get off the dysfunctional SAUSD School Board.  It would be a win-win, and again, even if he lost he would still be in a plum position to get reelected to the School Board in November of 2012.

You have to figure that Reyna would get full support from the Democratic Party, except for a few fake liberal bloggers and a few union hacks who for whatever reason have sided with Nguyen – backing her against Democratic challenger Hoa Van Tran in 2008.

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10 thoughts on “Could SAUSD Trustee Roman Reyna beat GOP Supervisor Janet Nguyen in 2012?”
  1. he lives in the wide open 69th district and that would be an easier run.

    why go head to head with the viets who vote?

  2. Good idea cook – that makes more sense than anything.

    The problem that Perez has is that no one knows him. The problem that Santa Ana’s Snooki has is that everyone knows her.

  3. Hey Mike Tardif why don’t you grow a set and post under your name when you insult people like Michele?

    Instead you post as “junior” like the pussy you truly are.

  4. To “where’a junior???” –

    I agree with you man, that Tardif is a PRICK!

    Hey “where’s junior” – I will cop to my real name if you will do the same for all of your AKA’s – including kenlayisnotdead.

  5. I am not “wheres Junior”.

    What about Alvarez for this BOS Seat. She has proven to be ambitious with here assembly runs, but maybe this is a better fit. She certainly would get the OCEA backing. She has the “law enforcement” banner to wave.

    Despite not being asian it sounds like it might fit.

  6. Why are you people constantly trying to recycle used garbage for your new representative.

    If you want to build new living room would you put in used carpet?

    Like if there are only five Latinos to play musical chairs in the OC Politics.

    ZORRO: “Alvarez would be a great candidate!”….. why if she is bad council member to start with.

    Just grow up!

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