Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Women Veteran's Seminar

Senator Lou Correa invites you to attend the Women Veteran’s Seminar, which is sponsored by the State of California Employment Development Department, on Friday, March 22, 2013, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at the Rancho Santiago
Community College District Conference Room, located at 2323 North Broadway, in Santa Ana.

Please RSVP by March 19, 2013. Space is limited. For reservations, please call Phuong Nguyen at (714)565-2624 or email or Kathy Kral at 714-687-4835. Please Join Us!

Open to all job seekers:

  • Who are Veterans or Active Duty Service Personnel or those representing Veterans
  • Guest Speaker, Senator Lou Correa, Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chair
  • Guest Speaker, Lindsey Sin, CDVA Deputy Secretary of Women Veterans Affairs
  • Guest Speaker, Gina Rawson, Women Veterans Program Mgr, VA Long Beach
  • Vital information about Women Veterans programs and benefits will be available

Bring your ideas for legislation!

Any information, materials, or services provided at this event are the sole responsibility of the provider of the information, materials, or services and do not constitute legal services or advice, tax advice or medical services or advice from the California State Senate.


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