Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Forlorn Carlos Bustamante

Judge John D. Conley on Friday dismissed several sex-related felony charges against Carlos Bustamante, a former Santa Ana City Councilman and Orange County Public Works administrator, who still faces felony counts of false imprisonment, stalking, attempted sexual battery and grand theft, plus four misdemeanors, according to the O.C. Register.

Conley’s ruling mirrors a previous ruling from Judge Kazuharu Makino, who oversaw Bustamante’s preliminary hearing in May 2014. Makino tossed out multiple felony charges for lack of evidence.

Wurst Haus

Since all of this happened Bustamante has left the Santa Ana City Council and his wife allegedly divorced him.  He has been making  a living advising local businesses on planning and building issues.  He is also an investor in a new restaurant, Wursthaus, that is opening soon in Downtown Santa Ana.  I believe he also draws an income from a number of rental properties.

Bustamante is due back in court Feb. 6 for a pretrial hearing.

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  1. What is all this talk of David being a womanizer.

    He is married to a teacher, he has two beautiful children. HE IS A CHRISTIAN MAN.

    Do you know P. David Grew up in East LA, Went to a CHRITAIN COLLEGE and moved here to save people. He HATES GANGS, he stands arm and arm with the police.

    Every night he lays down with his school teacher wife and children. He rarely drinks, he drives a modest car and works hard ALL DAY long.

    P. David helps young people,

    Pablo David Benavides: The model for SanTana!

    Oh, did I mention Bill Huxtable is a great role model??

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