Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Francisco Javier Cano, a 44-year-old Santa Ana man, walked into a La Mirada bank on Friday, but he was not there to make a deposit.

Cano gave a note to the bank teller, informing her that he was going to rob the bank, according to the O.C. Register.

There was a catch though to Cano’s request. He wanted fake money.

The teller ended up going to the bank of the bank and then initiating a silent alarm. She told the other employees to stay where they were.

A few seconds later Cano walked out of the bank, which was a Chase branch located at 15128 East Rosecrans Avenue. Several Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were waiting for Cano.

Cano immediately surrendered and he was booked on suspicion of robbery.

The deputies found an axe in Cano’s waistband as well as another note, which demanded “real money.”

The Sheriff’s investigators have not yet established a motive for the bizarre robbery attempt.

It turns out that Cano has been booked at least 11 times since July 2018.

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