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The Orange County District Attorney is hosting the 6th Annual Victim’s Rights March and Rally on April 11, 2014, starting at 9:30 am with a reception at the OCDA’s office, located at 401 Civic Center Drive West, in Santa Ana.  Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

OCDA Tony Rackauckas will lead a March at 10:30 am to the Old Orange County Courthouse at 211 W. Santa Ana Blvd, in Santa Ana.

There will be a Rally at 11 m at the Old Orange County Courthouse. RSVP to Susan Kang Schroeder at 714-347-8408 or at susan.schroeder@da.ocgov.com.

2014 OC Victim's Right's March and Rally

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One thought on “6th Annual OC Victim’s Rights March and Rally set for April 11”
  1. TRUTH. The whole truth and nothing but the truth is what we need to look closely at when considering re-electing Mr. Tony Rackauckas. He has a history of good and not so good (as do we all), but lately I suggest his competency for good judgment is in question. Perhaps for the sake of Mr. Rackauckas we should NOT re-elect him. There is a time for all good men to step aside and let a younger attorney that has shown themselves capable. My supervisor Todd Spitzer or even one of Tony’s top staff members should step up. I have a fondness for sports but even I would consider it cruel to put an old horse that was once a grand champion on a race track. I’m not calling Mr. Rackauckas an old hag just that there are better choices to be had. I submit the reason Tony had no opponents in the past is because of the respect his colleagues have for the man (not a bad thing). In sports time demands retirement like that of Michael Jorden to whom many hated to see leave the basketball COURT. I’m sure it’s also true with this DA that has held his position for so long. Think about it…even our county supervisors have to leave their seats after a third term. Tony’s had a good run. I don’t want him to continue and we all end up regretting it. The man put the community in harm’s way by allowing a convicted registered sex offender to be alone with women as a hairstylist for the past 14 years after his conviction for assaulting a woman in his salon. This is just one of many missteps and bad judgments of our DA. Okay, I’ll through myself under the bus and say I was that registered sex offender. Tony in a way saved my life by my conviction. I was forced into treatment while on probation but while I was a registrant on probation Tony did no follow through thereby placing the public at great risk. I looked over my therapy notes from back then and I was truly a threat (IMO) to public safety. Why did Tony allow a convicted registered sex offender to work in that capacity? Tony appeared before the Anaheim city council (10/09/12) and stated on the record he would support my getting a Certificate of Rehabilitation but come the day in court he had his deputy DA recant the offer. I find that odd since he allowed me to be alone with women in a salon environment for the last 14 years. It gets worse. (Let me look at the client cards) I serviced two of the DA’s staff members (not to give their names) on 10/21/11. I did their hair into the night. When I was finished I walked them to their minivan for safety. REALLY!?! A registered sex offender walked two of the DA’s staff members to their car in the dark for their safety? (I have their hand written client cards to prove this factual) I guess I was okay according to Tony to do such but not safe enough to receive a Cert, of Rehab. Really? Now about competency and sound judgment. Another example: Why would the DA take a murder case recently to which he flopped? Although he is an attorney and can do such but as DA isn’t his position more that of a leader and administrator. It would be like having our sheriff standing on the corner giving out parking tickets. Can she do it? Yes, would she be as proficient as her staff that does it every day? Probably not. Again we need a DA that exercises good judgment. TRUTH

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