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Samuel Elijah Alvarez, an 18-year-old man wanted in connection with the beating of a 72-year-old grandfather with a baseball bat, walked into the Santa Ana Police Department’s lobby and surrendered on Thursday, according to the SAPD.

The SAPd is investigating this crime as an attempted homicide.

Alvarez showed up at the SAPD’s lobby with his lawyer when he turned himself in, just after 2 p.m. today.

Apparently Alvarez was tight-lipped when he turned himself in – which was probably on the advice of his lawyer.

Santa Ana suspect surrenders

Alvarez landed in this hot water when he got into a fight with Jose Chacon, a 72-year-0ld Santa Ana grandfather, at a 76 gas station at the 4500 block of Westminster Ave.

Alvarez beat Chacon with an aluminum bat that he had in his car. The assault was caught on the gas station’s video surveillance system.

Alvarez struck Chacon a number of times, causing facial fractures and other serious injuries. The assault only ended after Chacon was knocked to the ground.

Amazingly this all happened because Chacon stumbled into Alvarez’s car. Old people often have issues with balance. It is a shame that Chacon stumbled into a maniac’s car.

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One thought on “18-yea-old homicide suspect who beat up a grandfather turns himself in to the SAPD”
  1. a rumble in the lawyer office, that the lawyer is working for the “mafia” ,and was told to get this kid to shut his mouth and do his time, he is drawing attention to the crime syndicate, how this kid afford a lawyer , even a public defender wont take this case

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