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Daniel Jones-Hoebel, a 19-year old transient, was arrested by the Garden Grove police on Saturday, June 10, in the Friday, June 9 stabbing of 20-year-old Genaro Diaz of Santa Ana, who later died of his injuries at a hospital, according to the O.C. Register.

Antonio Esquivel, a 21-year old resident of Garden Grove, was arrested shortly after the Garden Grove police found Diaz, who was stabbed in the chest, at the 12800 block of Haster Street, just after 9 p.m. on Friday night. The police believe that Diaz got into a fight with the two men.

Antonio Esquivel

Esquivel was arrested shortly after police found Diaz, but police had to search for Jones-Hoebel. He was found and arrested at about noon on Saturday. Both men have been booked at the Orange County Jail.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Garden Grove Police Homicide Unit at 714.741.5786.

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5 thoughts on “Transient arrested in Garden Grove for the stabbing death of a Santa Ana man on Friday”
  1. The females involved are the killers. The men are being framed. Daniel is Ashleys bf of almost a year. Antonio is her babys dad. Who was released that same day. They better investigate this one. Cause #1 daniel wasnt involved. The females involved shouldn’t be out free. They are sick twisted killers who worked together to frame these men

    1. Mike …if you dont know the real story don’t comment shit at all … Justice well be serve for the killer

  2. They kill my cousin so the ones involved should be arrested them guys and them girls in it now my cousin is gone they took a family member away from my family, they should pay with jail now that they can’t pay with thier life’s to bring my cousin back. Karma will do the job and God will to

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