Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Two minutes after 2 AM this Thursday, a Tustin PD K-9 Officer was in the area of Red Hill Ave. and Sycamore Ave. when he noticed a suspicious vehicle exit the Tustin Meadows neighborhood.

The police officer stopped the vehicle and contacted three occupants. The suspects were found to be in possession of a catalytic converter which was taken from a vehicle parked at the Tustin Meadows. Officers searched the area, and they were able to locate the victim’s vehicle.

The suspects were also in possession of a low-profile garage jack, a cordless saw, and drugs.

Richard Delarosa, Patrick Mendez, and Justin Jauregui were all booked at OC Jail for grand theft, possession of stolen property, conspiracy, and drug offenses.

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8 thoughts on “The Tustin Police arrested a trio of catalytic converter thieves”


      1. Why are 90% of all the posts on this site about low Mexican Trash committing crimes…

        It’s time we put a woodchipper on every corner in Santa Ana on start cleansing the city of filth

        1. I wouldn’t be too proud of your own race I’m assuming your white but considering they are #1 race that that has the highest numbers of child molesters and child abuse in the US I would sit down on this one. It unnecessary to be so ugly when every race commits crimes and the area is all Hispanic. Do you even live in the area or city? Hypocrites I swear these are the people post comments because they wont have the guts to tell someone to their face how they feel then go out to eat Mexican food. If you don’t like our race stay away from everything that is Hispanic. One thing I agree I like your idea for the wood chipper but use that for all the pedophiles don’t you think. I love my race and proud of it!

  2. 04/25 11:40pm. Same thing just happened to my wife’s car. Took them a little over 60 seconds to cut it out. By the time the alarms went off and the dog was let out, they left. Checked under the car and converter was gone.

  3. At approximately 11:40pm on 04/24, a dark colored, 4-door hybrid vehicle pulled up alongside my spouse’s Honda Accord that was parked in front of the house at 1951 Jan Marie Place, Tustin CA 92780. The hybrid vehicle pulled up alongside her car. A hooded individual and another individual with dark hair then exited the hybrid and began lifting up the driver side front of the Honda. They were seen under the car. Within one minute, the car alarm on the Honda went off and they drove off. Our security camera caught the entire incident. By the time we went outside with the dogs and flood lights, they were gone. The individuals removed the catalytic converter using a cordless saw in less than one minute.

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