Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

In a significant stride toward enhancing law enforcement practices and community safety, the Santa Ana Police Department is proud to announce the unveiling of its innovative and modern De-Escalation Training Center (DTC) for police officers and correctional officers. The DTC’s mission is to further equip law enforcement professionals with the skillset and knowledge required to handle high-pressure situations with a focus on de-escalation and community safety.

Starting in a small office space formally known as the “mat room,” the Training Division’s initiative has expanded into a spacious 3,300-square-foot room, offering ample space for realistic and immersive training scenarios. The DTC includes an expanded mat area for standing and ground-based martial arts training, a professional boxing ring to develop spatial awareness, a personal body defense station, and an open-concept classroom setting. The DTC will serve a dual purpose in addition to providing techniques to de-escalate incidents while minimizing liability exposure; it will also serve as a decompression center in our continued focus on employee wellness, by providing a safe clean space to engage in virtual yoga, stretching and breathing classes.

The SAPD Defensive Tactics Team, comprised of 14 certified instructors, now has a dedicated training center to provide comprehensive de-escalation training for officers. As the first of its kind in the region, the DTC will have a regional impact and will be a positive step towards promoting safe and more effective conflict resolution in various settings within frontline policing and jail operations.

Chief David Valentin expressed his enthusiasm about this pivotal development stating, “The De-Escalation Training Center represents our unwavering commitment to providing our officers with the best tools available for professional development. It reinforces our mission and investment to enhance community safety and build trust.”

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