Fri. May 24th, 2024

The Santa Ana Police Officers Association voted to express No Confidence in SAPD Chief David Valentin today, by a vote of 157 – Confidence to 187 – No Confidence, according to one of our pajaritos.

As Valentin attested in a letter to his police officers today the war on him is being led by the head of the SAPOA, Gerry Serrano. While he has made up several beefs with Valentin the real issue is that Serrano wants to inflate his retirement pension, by any means necessary.

Valentin recently placed Serrano on paid administrative leave.

Today’s vote is meaningless as Serrano no longer owns the Santa Ana Mayor or the Santa Ana City Council. He is to blame for that in part as his political machinations backfired over the past few years. He targeted the two most conservative members of the City Council – Ceci Iglesias and Juan Villegas, recalling one and defeating the other. But they were replaced by young liberals Jessie Lopez and Johnathan Ryan Hernandez. Neither of them are fans of Serrano or the police.

Serrano also bet on the wrong candidate for Mayor as the former Mayor, Miguel Pulido, termed out. The current Mayor, Vince Sarmiento, is also no fan of Serrano.

Sources tell us that the FBI is looking into the shenanigans at the SAPOA.

Here is a video about Chief Valentin, who grew up here in Santa Ana and is a class act:

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