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The Santa Ana Literary Association will be presenting a new poem by a local poet every week this year. This week’s poem is “Luna Llena” by Lidia Morales.

Luna Llena

By: Lidia Morales

Luna llena
te caes

Y en un instante no hay nada
y como el fin de la oscuridad se acaba
se va contigo mi esperanza

Noche eterna ven a mi
porque al sol subir tengo que ir
y aun no lleno mi jarrón de recuerdos y valor

Luna llena
no te vayas

Con mi amada al lado de mi almohada
yo no me quiero ir

La madrugada viene
ya la veo por mi ventana

Ten piedad
porque el día largo me quemara el alma

Luna llena
me acurruco
y te ruego dame mil minutos
porque la noche es corta y los días ardientes
y no estoy listo en este momento

Luna llena
le ruego a los cielos
pero el sol ya llega

English Translation:

Full Moon

Full moon
you fall

And in an instant there is nothing
and as the darkness ends
my hope goes with you

Eternal night come to me
because at sunrise I have to leave
and my jug is still not full with memories and valor

Full moon
don’t go

With my beloved next to my pillow
I don’t want to leave

Dawn comes
I can see her through my window
be merciful
because the long day will burn my soul

Full moon
I snuggle up
And beg you give me a thousand minutes
Because the night is short and the days are burning
And I’m not ready right now

Full moon
I beg the heavens
but the sun is near

Lidia Morales is a neuromuscular massage therapist in Orange County. Her passion is helping people increase their quality of life through massage therapy. Hobbies include yoga, long walks and she enjoys writing poetry in her spare time.

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