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The anti-Semitic movement that began on the Santa Ana School Board has now crept into the Santa Ana City Council’s next meeting agenda.

Santa Ana anti-police City Council Members Johnathan Ryan Hernandez and Ben Vazquez have added a resolution to next week’s City Council Meeting Agenda directing the Interim City Manager to “Prepare a Resolution for City Council’s Consideration to Call in Support of a Ceasefire in Gaza.”

How is this a local issue that our City Council should waste time pondering?

Vazquez, an SAUSD teacher, has a history of anti-Semitic pandering with his pals on the SAUSD School Board. The SAUSD School Board opted a few years ago to circumvent the State of California’s established curriculum for ethnic studies. What they drafted instead is rife with anti-Semitic B.S., referenced in an article in the Jewish Journal:

Jewish organizations have roundly criticized the district’s course outlines, expressing concern that lesson plans derived from the outlines could introduce antisemitic content into classrooms across Santa Ana. In the draft History 10 Ethnic Studies World History course, for example, teachers are recommended to use in their classrooms, “The Dark Side of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing,” a book by sociologist Michael Mann. The text offers this description of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

“Israel is the main contemporary example of settler-conquerors. For half a century, Israelis have been cleansing the occupied territories of native Arabs, most murderously in the late 1940s.”

“The Dark Side of Democracy” is not the only text to offer this position. The course outline for History 10 Ethnic Studies World History also includes an editorial published in Middle East Monitor that accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing. Middle East Monitor was described by the BBC in 2011 as a “pro-Hamas publication.”

“The ethnic studies courses approved by SAUSD’s board falsely portray Jews as colonizers in Israel, erasing 3,000 years of their history and connection to their ancestral home,” said Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs, a nonpartisan organization that fights antisemitism. “They cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a deeply one-sided and inaccurate way, and completely ignore Jewish refugees who fled or were expelled from Arab states and Iran. This violates the spirit, if not the letter, of California law regarding K-12 ethnic studies, as well as SAUSD policy about how to teach controversial issues.”

Vazquez actually teaches these distorted “facts” to the gullible children at the SAUSD.

The SAUSD has been sued to reverse this curriculum. Now Vazquez and company want to drag the Santa Ana City Council into this dishonest muck.

Click here to let the Santa Ana City Council know how you feel about this lame resolution.

If they must have a resolution how about one condeming the terrorist attack by Hamas on the innocent people of Israel? In that attack the Hamas terrorists killed children, including babies, raped women and kidnapped innocent civilians including the elderly.

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5 thoughts on “The Santa Ana City Council will consider an anti-Semitic resolution next week”
  1. Imagine an enemy of the U.S. who begins to attack America, perhaps launching rockets into Santa Ana CA. What would you think of foreigners demanding the U.S. to not fight back? What you you do if foreigners wrote letters demanding the U.S. to limit the fighting of their enemy (only to have that enemy use the cease fire to re-arm themself)? The Santa Ana City Counsel would be Anti-Jewish (and pro-Hitler) in doing so. Shame to even consider it. (I am a Christian, Bible believing one, and have been studying the Bible for over 60 years. Jesus has never fail yet in His promises, and God will protect the Jews.)

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