Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Over the weekend, Garden Grove Police Department Officers conducted high-visibility enforcement of reckless driving and street racing/takeovers.

A total of 171 traffic citations issued (59-modified/loud exhausts), 35 parking citations, 5 vehicles impounded, and 3 arrests (2-DUI) were made.

Remember, these activities are dangerous and illegal!

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2 thoughts on “The Garden Grove Police busted over 200 street racers and reckless drivers over the weekend”
  1. This is good news, and I hope it will continue. It’s already noisy enough on every major boulevard. I live on Brookhurst and have had to endure nerve-rattling engine thunder late at night for decades.

    It has been shown in various studies that loud traffic noise can affect a persons health. These souped-up cars that sound like Star Wars fighter ships are especially obnoxious, and we all know what it’s like to be assaulted by over-amped bass woofers that penetrate walls and windows with violent hip-hop racket. Way to go GGPD!

  2. Tom
    I understand what your saying about the cars doing these takeover intersections that is wrong!!
    I feel garden grove pd had high numbers due to the fact there was a big event at the Anaheim convention center classic carshow event over a thousand vehicles they were using this as a duck shoot to get their numbers up , They wont try it this weekend theres no cars just their carshow on fridays
    Everyone with classic cars be careful in Garden Grove pd might want high numbers again !!!

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