Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

During Tuesday night’s Santa Ana City Council meeting, neighborhood leaders, residents, restaurant owners and food truck operators came together to support the continued and focused enforcement of unsafe and illegal stationary sidewalk food vendors, sharing the negative impacts these vendors are having on the community.

The Santa Ana City Council directed City staff to draft a resolution opposing unsafe and unpermitted stationary sidewalk food vendors and further prioritized enforcement of existing regulations to preserve the quality of life in Santa Ana.

The City will continue in its legislative advocacy efforts to protect public health and safety. The resolution will appear at a future City Council meeting.

Councilman Phil Bacerra had this response to the resolution news on Facebook:

I want to thank the majority of my City of Santa Ana – Municipal Government City Council colleagues who joined me in directing our City Manager to have Code Enforcement and the Santa Ana Police Department enforce the City and State Codes as they pertain to the stationary sidewalk vendors who do not have a County Health Permit, serve food unfit for human consumption, and block our city’s sidewalks.

If you see a stationary sidewalk vendor operating in Santa Ana, please call SAPD Dispatch at (714) 834-4211.

I appreciate my Council colleagues who actually understand the limits of where State Law can hinder city enforcement abilities, but also know that State Law does not prevent our code enforcement and police from protecting our residents.

Editor’s Note: The Council Members who support this resolution include Bacerra, Thai Viet Phan, David Penaloza and Mayor Valerie Amezcua.

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One thought on “The City of Santa Ana is drafting a resolution targeting illegal sidewalk food vendors”
  1. We need a hawker center like in Singapore. Have one central location where people can sell their food from small stalls. That said, I prefer food vendors to the disgusting junkie and mentally ill homeless ruining the city. At least the food vendors are working. Ask yourselves, if you drive by a city and all you see are the homeless, would you really want to live or work there?

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