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The Newport Beach Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect in a felony battery investigation.

On September 6, 2020, at approximately 2:55 a.m., the Newport Beach Police Department was notified of a battery that had just occurred in the 2600 Block of Newport Blvd. The victim was attempting to leave the area in an Uber when the suspect struck him in the face multiple times rendering him unconscious.

The Newport Beach Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying any person in the photos.  Anyone who may be able to provide additional information on this case is encouraged to contact Detective Rick Henry at 949-644-3797 or

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2 thoughts on “Suspect wanted for knocking out a victim in Newport Beach”
  1. When is Santa Ana part of Newport Like Disneyland in Los Angeles??
    Why wouldn’t any agency protect several young woman with little babies living in in The early 80’s being preyed upon by multiple groups of people including being robbed in their houses, manipulation of their work hours, wages, lack of job promotions, mail theft, possible Bogus Bank liens with no notification.
    all the way back to even 1972 one of them being acosted by a man running out of a restaurant near Harbor Blvd and 22 freeway. Waving a gun around just outside the restaurant door, no one called the police not did any restaurant workers come out even with all the noise of the gun going off, the bullet hitting the ground, splattering into the face of a young girl. Where the dangerous person went back into the major chain restaurant after all that!! Why?
    Only Six blocks south of Disneyland?? Carrying on even with moving

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