Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Teachers Daniel Ramirez, Emily Benavides, and Mark Bush were honored.
Teachers Daniel Ramirez, Emily Benavides, and Mark Bush were honored.

SAUSD Teachers Daniel Ramirez, Emily Benavides, and Mark Bush were honored earlier this year as “Teachers of the Year,” according to the SAUSD.

Emily Benavides has served the district for 13 years. Benavides has taught everything from sixth-grade science to math and the Advancement Via Individual Determination program. Benavides boosts morale, encourages other teachers and is involved in lunchtime events, fundraisers, dances and activities that support school spirit. Benavides also finds the time to support after-school tutoring at Carr Intermediate School. She even stays in touch with her former students who have gone on to high school and college by attending their sports games and even helping them and their families with monetary support, according to the O.C. Register.

David Benavides and his friends

Emily’s husband David is a Santa Ana Councilman.  They moved here a few years ago and an Orange County press release revealed that they were given the chance to buy a home in Santa Ana at a very low interest.  This was a program intended to encourage teachers to move into troubled cities.

I believe that Emily won this award last year as well.  But I can’t find any evidence that the Santa Ana City Council ever honored her or her colleagues for these awards.  Nor can I find any mention of the award on Councilman Benavides’ Facebook page.

Why isn’t our City Council stepping up to honor Emily and her fellow teachers?

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3 thoughts on “SAUSD teachers Benavides, Ramirez and Bush honored as Teachers of the Year”
  1. That must be a very old picture that you like to use. All these years I thought the woman in red was Benavides Wife. oops.

  2. David made a cryptic comment on his realty page recently, about sitting on the porch of his Craftsman style home, which would suggest he has left the Casa Bonita house Emily helped him buy.

    Then again, it could just be his poor command of the English language. Weird.

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